We think it’s important that your fitness goals are exactly that – yours, and yours alone. We know that no single program fits all, so we’ll tailor a program especially for you with your goals in mind and no-one elses.

We don’t mind whether you want to get back into moving again, whether you’re a frequent mover and want to get stronger, or whether you just one some one on one time to enhance your skills and work on your overall health….we’ve got you covered no matter what. Our 1:1 sessions are particularly great for prenatal and postnatal clients wanting to get back in the swing of things but who are uncertain of how to deal with the changes that come with giving birth and who want a quiet, supportive space to figure it all out.

If you’ve ever worked out with a personal trainer before, or if you’ve ever embarked on any kind of challenge, you’ll know just how important it is to receive the right amount of encouragement, motivation, and support. We’re big on trusting our clients to know what’s right for you but we know when you might need that little extra push too…we won’t let you slack off, but boy will we celebrate when you get where you’re going!