Our teaching and class planning makes it suitable for new students to join at any time, while regular attendees are still challenged and develop their practise.
Yoga is about the integration – union – of our mind and body (and spirit). Our minds have a bottomless appetite for distraction and can travel anywhere in space and time.
Our teachers challenge you and guide you to harness the mind to the position and movement of your body. It’s engaging and challenging work that our students find rewarding.
Our classes:
Yoga 1: an emphasis on the building blocks of Yoga practise.
Yoga 2: for anyone with some yoga experience.
Yoga 3: Classes include handstand, forearm balance, headstand, shoulder stand and backbends.
Rest & Renew:  focused on preparing the body to receive the nurturing benefits of mindful breath practice.
Props are used to inform the sensitivity and subtleties of the body allowing students to remain in poses for a longer period of time, experiencing maximum benefits with minimal physical strain.

Jo Angwin

Jo Angwin is an Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and has been practicing for 20 years and teaching since 2002.  Jo has studied with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers both here in Australia and in Pune.

2 Year Diploma Of Classical Yoga – completed 2002
2 Year Iyengar Teacher Training – completed 2010
Iyengar Yoga – certified Intro level 1 – 2012
Iyengar Yoga – certified Intro level 2 – 2014
Iyengar Yoga – certified JI 1 level – 2016

In class with Jo you can expect to discover what yoga is all about and how, through developing commitment to regular practice, yoga can enhance your life physically, physiologically and emotionally.

What's the schedule?

Yoga courses take place nearly every day of the week.  The timetable is here

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