The original white dog Ralph – 2003 – 2016

Develop a deeper connection to your body

Yoga and pilates are tools we teach you in order to develop a deeper connection to your body and self. Perhaps you want to regain that sense of wellness you had in the past, or discover a new level of wellness and strength you didn’t know was possible. This is where that journey begins. A journey that builds a second half better than the first.

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You deserve to surround yourself with great people and teachers who care about your success in every area of your life, not just in how you look. White Dog Studio helps you change your shape but more importantly, your state of mind through:

  • The teachings of pilates and yoga
  • Evidence based solutions for pain
  • A supportive, scientific approach to fitness
  • Our cutting edge Nutrition Mission

Anything you are concerned about, they are really there to listen. They keep you safe. They believe in everyone who comes through the door and believe in what you can do. I would never have imagined I could be lifting the weight I can lift in such a short space of time. – Leela

4 Simple steps to start your journey:


Book your classes
Connect with your instructors
Become part of the community

Don’t get stuck on trying to find the “right thing” or “best thing”.

Really, it’s all about doing something and doing it regularly.
Make it a habit. Be in the process. Happiness, self-esteem, and resilience are just processes you commit to and keep.
It’s about showing up in your life.

And it’s about showing up in class.

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