Welcome to White Dog

We are a down to earth, friendly and highly experienced team

We specialise in helping people with real, busy lives free themselves of aches and pains, find strength, fitness and time for themselves.

White Dog Studio takes a no-nonsense approach to Pilates, Yoga and fitness.

The Pilates world tells us we are frail, vulnerable and need to ‘protect’ ourselves from the ravages of time. Nonsense.
The fitness industry tells us we can burn fat and look sh*t hot naked (and that this will make us somehow happy) in only a few weeks of bootcamp. Nonsense.

Regular, consistent movement, stretching and twice weekly sessions that challenge your strength are the ‘golden ticket’ to health, longevity, fitness.

The experience of our instructors, the spread of our classes and our welcoming community of members makes white dog studio the perfect alternative to a gym.


The WDS no bulls**t intro offer:

Take our 30-second quiz, spend a session with one of our team and receive a free class that they recommend based on your goals and situation. 


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What others say

  • Heath and the team are great to deal with and very experienced. Good group sizes means you can ask questions and get that focused attention.

    – Troy

  • I found WDS when I was looking for somewhere to help me though rehab after doing my ACL when playing Footy. WDS has changed my perception of Pilates, made it more exciting and challenging as a strength workout and has helped me get back to a better level than I was before!

    – Tim

Email us on info@whitedogstudio.com.au or sign up for a free class below