Enjoy UNLIMITED 'virtual' & 'in studio' group classes at White Dog studio for 14 days

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14 days for $59

Unlimited access to all 'in studio' & 'virtual' group classes

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Dot point Reformer Strength
Dot point Reformer Cardio
Dot point Reformer Stretch and Release
Dot point Mats & Ladders Pilates
Dot point Stretch & release Mat Pilates
Dot point Yoga 1
Dot point Yoga 2
Dot point Vinyasa Yoga Surya Namaskar
Dot point Vinyasa Surya Namaskar 2/3
Dot point Yoga Rest & Renew
Dot point Yoga Inversions
Dot point All in studio & virtual classes

White Dog Studio is a friendly and inclusive community focused on helping everyday people live happier and healthier.

We welcome you into every session with joy and touch of laughter.

We set you up for understanding each step of the way.

We will support you.

We will challenge you.

We will celebrate you. 


We do appreciate that it is your time and that each and every person has their own reasons and will set their own pace.

We will get you moving.

Yell out if you need a hand. 

Speak up if you are unsure or did not catch the instruction.

At White Dog we celebrate what you can do and we know that with time and regular practice you will absolutely without a doubt do so much more.

Choose from any of our 'IN STUDIO' or 'VIRTUAL' classes

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Terms & Conditions

      • Offer open to people who have not attended a class at White Dog Yarraville or Geelong
      • This is a one-off purchase of $59
      • Passes are valid for 14 days from the date of first class
      • No ongoing commitment

Traditional Pilates and Yoga taught in a friendly, inclusive studio atmosphere.


White Dog’s mission is to help people of all sorts and sizes live happier and healthier – starting with regular exercise taught by top shelf instructors.