White Dog Studio Geelong – Reformer Pilates


Spring loaded and right on track, this session will get your heart racing and have you glowing with a youthful layer of sweat in no time.

Heart beat your way through a combination of high intensity exercises on the reformer bed that targets the very best parts of you. Ain’t that cardio just so sweet for your heart!

(high tempo / simple moves / beginners welcome)


You will love this one. It is Pilates with a capital P!

Push and pull against the resistance of the springs, build on your strength and power through a series of AB-solutely fantastic exercises. We are the best in the business when it comes to the original Pilates reformer repertoire taught with a level of detail and precision that will develop and improve your technique.

(moderate tempo / detail and technique / beginners welcome)

The Original Reformer

The Reformer Pilates sequence as taught in ‘Jo’s gym’ back in early 20th century New York. This old school approach to Joseph’s method is a must do for anyone that wants to truly ‘know’ Reformer Pilates.

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