Always wanted to try Pilates but never sure how to get started?

Give White Dog Studio's Intro to Reformer a try!

A lot of people are keen to try Reformer Pilates but are nervous about the medieval-looking machine!

But that machine is actually the best way to learn Pilates.

The Reformer acts as a support for the body by guiding it into proper position.  So you're getting a little bit of a helping hand which enables better technique and allows people of all capabilities to be able to have a go.

White Dogs Studio’s Intro to Reformer is the perfect way to get started.

We’ve created special beginner classes for people who are brand new to the Reformer.  We won't just throw you on the machine, we'll teach you all about it.

We've also created an online portal of videos to give you an all-important head start. You can build your skills and confidence before you even step into a class!

Reformer Pilates offers the guidance and stability to help you make the transformation you’ve been dreaming about. And once you know the basics, you’ll fall in love.

White Dog Studio's unique Intro to Reformer course gives you:

That's over $175 worth of value for the low price of


Ready to hop on a Reformer?

Let's Do This!

I had a misconception about what pilates can be: I thought about it as being not enough cardio, boring classes and nothing challenging. During my first session realised I was wrong on all three counts.


Through a combination of online and in studio classes the White Dog Studio Intro to Reformer is designed to:

- teach you the fundamental Pilates exercises
- introduce you to the Reformer
- teach you the White Dog studio warm so you can try it at home

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions +

How Long Does The Online Portal Take?

The online course is done at your pace so can be done as quickly as you like.  There is 2 hours of content in total so the pace is up to you.

Should I check out the online portal before taking my classes?

Yes, the portal will help you navigate your way around the Reformer and also give you a sneak peak of the warm up.  If you do the portal before your first class you'll be a few steps ahead!  Once you make your purchase your online learning log ons will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

How many classes should I do a week?

We suggest that you start with one lesson in the first week.  This just allows you to have sufficient recovery time between sessions.

Can I do Reformer if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. Just let your teacher know that you are pregnant before your first class.  Exercise and pregnancy go together like cream and jam.

Can I do this Intro if I have tried Reformer before but would like to be guided more clearly to the basics?

Yes! This course is designed for you.

If the Intro classes don’t suit my schedule can I come to other sessions?

Yes. If you do it’s really important that you let your teacher know that you are not familiar with the machines, and that you are doing the Intro To Reformer. This will help them to adjust what they give you and to keep a close eye on you.

Can I do Reformer if i have chronic lower back pain/sciatica/spondylolithesis?

Yes. The Intro to Reformer course is the perfect place to start moving towards a new relationship with your body and away from your pain.

Can I do Reformer if I have an injury?

Yes. If you can get to the studio on your own steam these classes will be perfect to get you moving again.

Can I jump straight into the other Reformer classes - ‘Flow 45’ or ‘Precision + Practice’ before my 4th class?

If you feel confident on the machines we welcome you to check with your teacher on the day and if they agree with you - go for it.

Can I try other classes as part of the Intro To Reformer course?

We recommend that you see the course through and focus on the Reformer. If you would like to try other classes after the Intro to Reformer, you are still eligible for our 4 classes for $45 Intro Pack.  Email and ask us to set it up for you.

What happens at the end of the course?

At the end of the course you "graduate" and can go on to do our all levels Reformer classes.  Actually the fourth class in your Intro to Reformer class can either be used to do one more Intro class or you can head off and do an all levels class of your choice.

Always wanted to try Reformer Pilates?

Now is the time to join, learn and enjoy!

Let's Do This!