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White Dog Studio

Welcome to the White Dog Studio Intro To Reformer school.  Well done for taking the first step – it’s definitely the hardest one you’ll take.

Pilates is a complete movement system, designed over a hundred years ago by a highly athletic man called Joseph Pilates. His aim was to help the people like you and me to live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives, as he felt he had, through regular, combined physical and mental activity.

The Universal Reformer as he called it or ‘Reformer’ as the world now knows it was central to his vision.

In this course, through a combination of online and in studio classes we will:
– teach and explain the fundamental Pilates exercises
– introduce you to the Reformer
– share with you some rare archival footage of Joseph Pilates
– take you through our studio warm up in a follow-along video
– teach you a bit about the shapes of your spine and how they relate to the Pilates system of movement

At the end of this course, we will have built your skills and confidence in the movements of Pilates and the use of the Reformer.  You will have attended three of our ‘Intro to Reformer’ classes and a fourth Reformer class of your choosing – either a Precision and Practice or Flow45 class.

Most importantly you will have the tools needed to develop a new Pilates exercise habit with confidence that you re doing it in alignment with its founding principles and philosophy.