Which pricing option for me? At White Dog we have a pricing option to suit every lifestyle...

  1. You want to do 2 or more classes each and every week - a variety of disciplines or times... you need a MEMBERSHIP

  2. You want to do one class per week of a particular discipline... you need a COURSE PASS

  3. You want to try things out casually OR you simply can't make it in every week due to other commitments... you need a CLASS PASS

  4. You have a pre-existing injury or you're pregnant so you need a slower, smaller class... you need CLINICAL options

Course Pass

Working in blocks, aligned to school terms, you sign up to attend one class of your chose discipline each week.

Available classes:

  • Yoga Republic
  • Pilates Republic
  • Strength Training
  • Reformer Pilates 

Why people love them:  Courses offer progressive learning: each week builds on the last - so you can see yourself getting better at what you're doing.   No direct debit commitment: one off term payments only.

Financial commitment: Courses simply mean that you're committing financially to the term of the course, but no longer than that. You make a one-off payment. There are no direct debits or ongoing payments. 

If you join the course late: We can pro-rata this for you. Email


Republic Course - Pilates and Yoga  $200


Reformer Pilates  $275


Strength Training $765

Payment plan of $255 on booking.  Then $255 a fortnight later and the final $255 a fortnight after that.

For details on how to BUY Strength Training please email

Workout whenever you want, both term times/holidays, and you're not restricted to a particular day or time.

Available classes:

  • Yoga Republic
  • Pilates Republic
  • HIT
  • Reformer Pilates 
  • Strength Training (one off top up fee is due at the beginning of term)

Why people love them:  You work out religiously, not just during term-time.  You like variety: with a package you can use every class in the studio. You want excellent value: they offer far and away the lowest prices.

Financial commitment: Direct debit only. The different packages have different T&Cs to cater for holidays/work travel. 

Introductory offer for new customers: Get the first two weeks @ half price! Purchase online and if you don't wish to continue, just let us know anytime in the first 12 days (allowing two days for processing) and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. These memberships can be cancelled with 28 days notice at anytime after the trial period.

To buy: Click on the size of dog/membership that appeals to you and you will be directed to that trial membership in our online store.

Membership Prices last updated 1 May 2017


Small $40 Per Week

Medium $50 Per Week

Large $60 Per Week
14 day half price trial
28 day cancellation anytime
$0 start up/cancellation fee
Perkville rewards program
2 classes per week
4 classes per week
Unlimited classes
10% discount on all workshops

Class Pass

If you're new to this type of exercise and you want to try things out OR you have an irregular schedule due to family, work, or travel commitments and simply can't make it down to White Dog every week.

Available classes:

  • Yoga Republic
  • Pilates Republic
  • HIT
  • Reformer Pilates 

Why people love them:  You have the ability to drop in to a class when you are available (and there is a place available for you!)

Financial commitment: One-off payments. You pay when you buy the bundle of classes and use them when you want to - they're like credits. When they run out you buy more

Note: Credits expire after 12 months.

10 Class Pass  $250


5 Class Pass $135


1 Class Pass  $30


If you're injured, pregant (post 12 weeks) or want special attention

Clinical Intro Pack: A half hour 1:1 and 1 x Clinical/Small group class. $65


Clinical 5 Class Pass  $165


Clinical 10 Class Pass  $300


1:1 Pilates 45 minutes $80


1:1 Pilates 25 minutes $65


Remedial Massage $80



White Dog Studio provides Melbourne Yoga Classes, Melbourne Pilates Classes and Melbourne Mindfulness Meditation Classes. Book your class online now or call us on 0437 776 291.