Yoga & Pilates Studio Melbourne

When it comes to looking after your body and mind, you need a fitness studio that knows the importance of a holistic approach to health and fitness. And that’s where White Dog Studio can help.

Based on Moreland Street in Footscray, we provide a range of classes, courses and training opportunities for people who want to improve their health, their fitness and their well-being.

Mindfulness classes in Melbourne

If you’re looking for mindfulness classes, Melbourne based White Dog Studio offer one of the best selections of mindfulness training Melbourne has available. With more and more people expressing an interest in mindfulness and how it can help to improve mental wellbeing, we offer an introductory mindfulness course for Melbourne residents who want to learn more.

Our course will give you a chance to understand yourself better, pay more attention to the present moment, and to slow down and notice how your thoughts affect your emotions and your behaviour.

Mindfulness meditation in Melbourne

Many people find that meditation can help them to cope more easily with the stresses of modern day life. If you’ve tried meditating but found it too difficult, you’ll benefit from joining one of the classes at our Melbourne studio.

We’ll teach you the basics of meditation and, through guided meditations, help you to develop a practice that you can use on a regular basis. We offer one of the best selections of meditation classes Melbourne has available, and if you’re brand new to meditation you’ll find our meditation for beginners will give you the grounding you need.

Explore mind, body and spirit in our yoga classes in Melbourne

For those of you who want to take a more holistic approach to fitness, we have some of the best yoga classes in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for advanced yoga classes or yoga for beginners, Melbourne yoga experts, White Dog Studio will be able to advise you on the best class for you.

Group Pilates in Melbourne

If your aim is to build your core strength, our Pilates classes could be the perfect solution. Developed by Joseph Pilates, this exercise method focuses on building your body’s core strength and improving your overall posture.

We offer a range of group Pilates classes in Melbourne, where we’ll guide you through a series of low impact stretching and conditioning exercises that will build your core and provide you with a complete body workout. And for those of you who prefer to use the reformer, we run classes in reformer Pilates for Melbourne residents.

HIT Classes in Melbourne

When it comes to getting breathless, our HIT classes hit the spot. We offer a range of high intensity training Melbourne fitness fanatics will love. Whether you want to get fit, keep fit or improve your fitness, our HIT classes will keep you in tip-top condition.

Contact us now on 0437 776 291 to find out more.

White Dog Studio specializes in pilates class, yoga classes, high itensity training and mindfullness meditation.

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