White Dog Mentor Program

The Instructor Journey

Awareness, orientation and intention. See the landscape you are in, understand where you are within it and then be able to decide where you want to go. 

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Warm up

Cat / pull / pike / chicken pull 1 or 1/2 (1/2 is easier) sp
Flying footwork 2 sp
Hands in straps
Feet in strap
Knee floats 1 or 1/2 (1 is easier) sp
Lunge with heel raise R
Planks/side planks
Lunge with heel raise L
Plank/pike w/ holds and single leg options
Side plank > side bend
Front split (rest)
Mermaid 1+1/2 sp


Three Dimensions | Intro



Self Reflection