Meet The Team

White Dog prides ourselves on our team.

We have trainers who are highly experienced, they hold multiple degrees and themselves train nationally accredited Pilates and fitness professionals.

White Dog is more than just a studio, it’s a community.

Meet Heath
White Dog founder

Meet Frankie

Frankie is one part Bar+Bell trainer, one part Pilates mat teacher, one part Reformer teacher, one part Personal Trainer, one part Small Group Pilates teacher, one part administration, operations, management and delivery wizard and a whole part awesome!

What can you expect when attending a class with Frankie? “There’s always plenty of smiles but it’s all business on the floor. My job is to challenge you and help you to improve.”

Frankie is a lover of movement – Pilates, strength training and anything fun and challenging. She lives and breathes her training and wellness approach, super serious about her nutrition, her training and her family.

“After 2 surgeries on my back, I had a lot of hesitation about returning to exercise.  

Frankie’s passion for health and fitness is inspiring.  She helped me work through my fears of re-injury, and empowered me to pursue my fitness goals. Frankie is motivating, passionate, committed, and empowers each individual to push through and beyond their self-imposed limits.

Frankie is a great communicator, so you’re always fully informed on how and why you’re doing a particular movement or sequence.  

Frankie makes exercise a pleasure – not a punishment! She’s exceptional.”

Courtney Cullen, White Dogger since May 2017


Meet Jacqui-Maree

Jacqui-Maree teaches Reformer Pilates, Pilates Republic, Small Group and Rest and Renew and takes 1:1 sessions at WDS. She’s also our resident Remedial Massage Therapist and finds practicing across this complimentary mix of modalities hugely beneficial in helping her clients improve fitness, health and vitality.

Jac has been fascinated by the human body’s intricacies and abilities since training from a young age in gymnastics, dancing and distance running. Whether in a group or one-on-one environment, her background and education means she can make swift modifications to suit the individual in front of her, applying both an evidence-based and practice-based understanding. Jac’s approach to movement and massage has been described by clients as intuitive, restorative and instilling a focus on long-term self-care.

Jac’s additional experience treating AFL and VFL players has expanded her knowledge of sports massage techniques suitable for beginners to elite athletes. She thoroughly enjoys training and treating clients at all levels between rehabilitation and ultimate fitness, and loves sharing knowledge to arm her clients with valuable tools to move and recover their body to its advantages.


“ Jacqui has an acute eye for detail which shows in her passion and dedication to the way the body moves and works. Nothing is an obstacle for her and this confidence and willingness to adjust and adapt where necessary gives her clients a confidence in themselves that perhaps they didn’t know they had.”


Want to see more of Jacqui? You can find her on the White Dog YouTube & Instagram as well as the below:

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Meet Jo

Jo is our in-house yoga guru, teaching Yoga -Yoga 1, Yoga 2, Yoga 3, Vinyasa, Rest & Renew and provides 1:1 yoga sessions. As well as being the studio’s guardian angel.

Jo took her first Iyengar yoga class at the age of 24 and has been studying and practicing yoga for the past 21 years.

As an Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Jo has studied with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers here in Australia and in Pune, India.

Jo continues to develop herself professionally. She’s currently being mentored by one of Australia’s most Senior teachers.

“Jo is not a pretend teacher, she’s the real deal.  She continues to go to her mentor and be pushed/guided to deeper understandings. This oozes out of Jo as a teacher.”

Meet Liz

Elizabeth is passionate about a holistic view of health, wellness and life, working on both the inside and outside, with which Pilates plays a big part. Elizabeth was introduced to Pilates after sustaining a back injury in her early teens. Her rapid recovery through Pilates led her to gain her Personal training and Pilates certificates so that she could share the wonderful benefits with others. “I was told I couldn’t do things, Pilates showed me that I could”.

Elizabeth holds a Diploma in Clinical Pilates as well as additional certificates in Pilates, Personal Training, Meditation Teacher Training and is currently completing her Yoga Teacher Training.

Continually seeking to expand her knowledge and education; Elizabeth has gained further certificates with ‘The Neuroscience Academy’ and completed many additional Pilates courses (including the amazing IAP) and will continue to do so with the sole intention to develop and share and support others to feel amazing in themselves.

“I would love to inspire others as I have been inspired…my hope and intention is to support others in believing and experiencing their full [body] capabilities.”

Meet Kath

Kathryn loves to move: run, jump, bend, lift, cycle … anything but sit still. She has been teaching movement since she was 15 when she began teaching dance. She went on to receive her dance teaching qualifications with Honours and later qualified in pilates and barre. Kathryn runs a strong class during which she is prone to delivering some bad metaphors with some fun tunes. She has a very low tolerance for excuses but a very high tolerance for hard work – skill comes with practise!

Meet Sarah G

Sarah’s movement background began at a young age being involved in athletics, gymnastics and soccer which she then continued playing at an elite level for 10 years. After burn out and injury setbacks, Sarah discovered Pilates and connecting people through movement has become her passion. Sarah loves layering each exercise to guide students beyond their perceived limitations, helping them trust there bodies and feel confident. You’ll walk away from Sarah’s classes feeling like you have both had fun and worked hard. Sarah is qualified with a Cert IV in Pilates with both Polestar Pilates and Breathe Education.

Meet Sarah E

Through her work as a dance artist, Sarah has experienced the power of movement to transform both mind and body. She wants everyone to experience the joy of moving with ease, in a strong, pain-free body and loves how the Pilates method enables all bodies to do this.

Sarah’s classes offer a down to earth inclusive environment where ‘you can’ outweighs ‘you can’t’. The empowering community at White Dog makes her so excited she could do cartwheels down a rugby field all day long.

Sarah has a Certificate IV in Pilates with Breathe Education, a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (contemporary dance) and has been freelancing as a teacher, choreographer and performer in both New Zealand and Australia since graduating in 2012.

Meet Dani

Coming soon!