Meet The Team

White Dog prides ourselves on our team.

We have trainers who are highly experienced, they hold multiple degrees and themselves train nationally accredited Pilates and fitness professionals.

White Dog is more than just a studio, it’s a community.

Meet Heath
White Dog founder

Meet Jo

Co-Director of White Dog Studio, Jo Angwin is an Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (certified JI 1 level) and has been practicing for 20 years and teaching since 2002. Jo has studied with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers both here in Australia and in Pune.

Meet Frankie

Studio Manager, Frankie is a lover of movement, Pilates, strength training and anything fun and challenging. She lives and breathes her training and wellness approach, super serious about her nutrition, her training and her family.


Meet Dani

Always an active child, Dani pursued this love of movement and health, and she holds both Myotherapy and Pilates qualifications. She quickly realised that she was able to have a more positive and profound impact with active based therapies, and she focused her attention solely on Pilates. Dani  has a strong background in group reformer training.

Meet Rachel

One class was all it took for Rachel to fall in love and begin her journey to becoming a Pilates instructor. She is always up for something new, fun and challenging and you will find her classes are driven by this mindset.

Meet Virginia

Virginia first came across Pilates while studying ballet at the Australian National Ballet school. After she stopped dancing she kept up Pilates which she loved and has been practicing ever since.

Meet Tim

Tim is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who brings with him over 5 years of teaching Pilates and Physical Exercise. Having taught across Melbourne (including White Dog Studio in its early years) Tim also taught in Sydney for two years. Tim has a background in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira and is also a keen runner and body weight enthusiast.

Meet Heath B

Heath found Pilates as part of his training as a professional dancer. That part of his life has concluded and he has made the shift from Pilates practice to Pilates trainer.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn  has been teaching movement since she was 15 when she began teaching dance. She went on to receive her dance teaching qualifications with Honours and later qualified in pilates and barre.

(Kathryn is currently on maternity leave)