Reformer Pilates


I didn’t really imagine that I could have a body that felt so strong and so good as it does since I’ve been coming here.


I would have started Pilates years ago but the regular commitment and time I need to set aside for it was a struggle. Once my sister and I decided to take the plunge it was so much easier to go every week having Kathryn push us with a “no excuse attitude”.


Reformer Class isn’t just a physical workout. It helps me deal with stress and gets me into a zen state. It breaks me out of work and into a relaxing weekend.


This has completely changed my view of classes. You can do it at your own pace. If you’re on the reformer and there’s an exercise you struggle with, the instructor will adjust but also give you a push.


You’re really challenged and looked after, at the same time, here.


Why Reformer Pilates?

Pilates helps you transform yourself. From where you are today, to a stronger, more confident, flexible and co-ordinated version of yourself.  It is well-trodden path taught at white Dog by highly experienced teachers who practice what they preach.

The Pilates Reformer is a unique exercise tool:

  • It guides and reinforces bio-mechanical alignment
  • It creates challenge when needed and assistance where appropriate
  • The movement of the carriage has an inbuilt rhythm which creates a unique flow state, which members discover that they love

When you start any journey of change, new information can be overwhelming. That’s why we train our teachers to help you learn the Reformer in stages. We have classes for beginner students as well as members who are more experienced and want to be challenged.

Check Out Our Intro To Reformer Pilates

Reformer Classes

Intro to Reformer45 minutes

Start here if you are not experienced on Reformers or Pilates generally. You will learn the fundamental exercises, how to use the machines and become familiar with our teaching methodology.

Precision + Practice – 45 minutes

All White Dog trainers are qualified to teach the original Pilates repertoire and it’s in this class that they get to show you what ‘old school’ means in the Pilates world: attention to detail, clear teaching and exercises that target your whole body for flexibility, fitness and strength; with cool ass names like ‘snake’ ‘chest expansion’ and ‘swan dive’

Flow 45 – Reformer – 45 minutes

A faster paced, higher intensity full-body workout integrating familiar White Dog Studio reformer exercises creatively. If you’re ready to intensify your Reformer workout, you’ll want to experience this class; with less emphasis on the classical repertoire, it’s designed to be a smooth, burny, flowing combination of cardio, flexibility and coordination.

What’s the schedule

Not only are our classes planned with you in mind, the schedule is as well.

Our morning Reformer classes run for 45 minutes as we know you need to get in and out as quickly as possible to start your day (without compromising on quality).

Our evening Reformer classes run for 1 hour.

Either way, you are getting a lotta bang for your buck. No matter whether you train in the morning or evening, quality is our number one offering.

The timetable is here.

How to buy/book

New to Reformer?

A lot of people are keen to try Reformer Pilates but are nervous about the medieval-looking machine!

But that machine is actually the best way to learn Pilates.

The Reformer acts as a support for the body by guiding it into proper position.  So you’re getting a little bit of a helping hand which enables better technique and allows people of all capabilities to be able to have a go.

White Dogs Studio’s Intro to Reformer is the perfect way to get started.

We’ve created special beginner classes for people who are brand new to the Reformer.  We won’t just throw you on the machine, we’ll teach you all about it.

We’ve also created an online portal of videos to give you an all-important head start. You can build your skills and confidence before you even step into a class!

3 Beginner Classes  |  Head Start Portal  |  Transition Class

$175 value for only $45

Intro To Reformer

Grab a Membership

You work out religiously.  You like variety.  You want excellent value.  Our membership offers the lowest prices per class.


$54 per week
Unlimited classes

All classes excluding small group


Financial Commitment: Direct debit only. Accounts are debited fortnightly in advance.


Grab a Class Pass

You want to try things.  You have an irregular schedule due to family, work, or travel commitments.  You simply can’t make it down to White Dog every week.


10 Classes In 10 Weeks Pass  $210

Expiry 70 days from first use

Get a 10 week pass


10 Class Pass  $250

Expiry 6 months from first use

Get a 10 class pass


5 Class Pass $135

Expiry 6 months from first use

Get a 5 class pass


1 Class Pass  $30

Expiry 1 month from purchase

Get a Single class pass

Financial Commitment: One-off payments. You pay when you buy the bundle of classes and use them when you want to – they’re like credits. When they run out you buy more.

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