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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates was invented by the creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, to supplement mat-based Pilates practice. The machine itself is a bed-like carriage that offers resistance via springs and your own bodyweight. Today, people love it because this one piece of equipment offers hundreds of exercise variations.

Levels and schedule

ALL LEVEL: As the name suggests, the class instructor will cater for varying abilities. Our early morning and daytime classes are all levels – including Saturdays.

LEVEL 1: Evening classes/course – these are ideal for beginners and those who’ve done 10 classes or less. We emphasise the basics, building our knowledge of your own movement, the machine and our way of working. We will build your strength and endurance and your confidence.

LEVEL 2: Evening classes/course – 10 weeks or a Level 1 course are a minimum requirement. These sessions turn up the volume and the intensity. You will be challenged across the 10 weeks in strength, endurance and co-ordination. These classes are notorious for being challenging to all comers.

Check out the timetable here for all class times.

How to buy/book: existing customers

Buy a Reformer Pilates Course $275 which will get you one class per week for the term (terms run in line with school terms)

Once you have purchased your course email your course preference, day and time and we will book the term for you.

Timetable is here.
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Monthly Membership – Small/Medium/Large can all book in and use class credits.

Introductory offer for new customers: Get the first two weeks @ half price! Purchase online and if you don’t wish to continue, just let us know anytime in the first 12 days (allowing two days for processing) and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. These memberships can be cancelled with 28 days notice at anytime after the trial period.

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