Reformer Pilates

Why Reformer Pilates?

Have you heard of a Pilates ‘Reformer’ but don’t know what it is? It is an ‘exercise’ machine with a bed-like carriage that offers resistance via springs and your own bodyweight. It was invented by the creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. The spring system can make an exercise harder and easier at the same time depending on how it’s used. It makes for an amazing full body workout whilst no matter what fitness level you are coming in at.

“The Reformer Pilates gets you doing things in your body that you just couldn’t do within any other configuration.”  — Customer Testimonial

The White Dog Reformer curriculum is the result of 20 years of moving and teaching experience and is a movement method in its own right.

The versatility and adaptability of the machine itself, along with the expert experience and instruction of our trainers, means that each class will meet you exactly where you’re at, no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced…there is no such thing as feeling silly or not yet ready…we are ready for you.

We ensure you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door and walk out feeling stronger and uplifted after your first class, and every single class after that.
Want to build a longer, leaner, stronger and more flexible body?

That’s exactly what White Dog Reformer Pilates does.

Levels and schedule

ALL LEVELS: As the name suggests, the class instructor will cater for varying levels of abilities.

BASICS: We understand that there are times where you feel more comfortable starting with a ‘basics’ class. So these classes have been created to concentrate on the basics of Reformer. We recommend these for people new to Reformer or those who want a lighter workout.

What’s the schedule

Not only are our classes planned with you in mind, the schedule is as well.

Our morning Reformer classes run for 45 minutes as we know you need to get in and out as quickly as possible to start your day (without compromising on quality).

Our evening Reformer classes run for 1 hour.

Either way, you are getting a lotta bang for your buck. No matter whether you train in the morning or evening, quality is our number one offering.

The timetable is here.

How to buy/book

New to White Dog?

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Grab a Membership

You work out religiously.  You like variety.  You want excellent value.  Our membership offers the lowest prices per class.


$54 per week
Unlimited classes

All classes excluding small group



Financial Commitment: Direct debit only. Accounts are debited fortnightly in advance.

Membership Introductory Deal:  Get the first two weeks @ half price! Purchase online and if you don’t wish to continue, just let us know anytime in the first 12 days (allowing two days for processing) and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. These memberships can be cancelled with 28 days notice at any time after the trial period.


Grab a Class Pass

You want to try things.  You have an irregular schedule due to family, work, or travel commitments.  You simply can’t make it down to White Dog every week.

10 Week Pass  $210

Expiry 70 days from first use
Unlimited weekly use until all 10 are used

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Financial Commitment: One-off payments. You pay when you buy the bundle of classes and use them when you want to – they’re like credits. When they run out you buy more.