Nutrition Pack

…Lost 20 kilos in 12 months. 10 in the last 10 weeks on the nutrition mission.



You can feel incredible; full of energy, sleeping well and dropping jeans sizes, without the depravity of fasting or the ‘one size fits all’ rules of many diets.

Finally a food plan that is flexible, effective and focused on how you feel on the inside as much as the outcomes on the outside.

Nutrition Pack

In our busy modern lives it is usually a surprise to find that rather than eating less to lose weight, we need to eat more.

To be more accurate we need to be more conscious of the balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat that we eat and to eat more food the needs a fridge.

When we change our diet in a way that achieves our weight loss goals, fits our lifestyles AND is something we can stick to for more than a few weeks, it is more often changes in the TYPE  of food, the regularity of our eating and the combination of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) that helps us to lose fat, have more energy and enjoy a more fulfilling day to day existence.

The Program

White Dog Studio provides a unique program called the White Dog Nutrition Pack.

It is a 10 week turnaround for your metabolism and since introducing it 12 months ago and testing it on ourselves, loved ones and more than 50 members we have seen that every single person who sticks with the program for the 10 weeks has lost significant fat, slept better and enjoyed more energy when they exercise – and dropped as many as three jeans sizes.

There is no hidden exercise minimum to these results. No crazy high-intensity training that you have to do.

At the end of the 10 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to debrief with us and if you wish to get a new program or – satisfied with your change – a maintenance protocol to help you keep yourself where your 10-week mission got you.

The White Dog Nutrition pack is tailored to your goals, based on your diet and works around your likes/dislikes. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to record a food diary for a week and then send it in. Then your food diary, goals and personal measurements will be turned into a 100% personalised food plan.  You’ll receive this plan along with a few things you need to change the way you look and feel over 10 weeks.

The only thing you need to succeed is a willingness to try and a 2 month block of focus. We recommend you don’t do the mission across a major holiday or on either side of a significant family event. The more routine your 10 weeks are the easier it will be to incorporate the subtle changes to your existing diet.

We’ll check in with you regularly and provide a consultancy service of needed throughout the program.

The White Dog Nutrition Pack is a supportive 10-week program which can be started at any time.  
The Mission is $250 and includes:
– your customised meal plan
– support throughout the 10-weeks via email hints and tips
– access to our private Facebook group
To get started purchase the package now and we’ll be in touch with the first steps.
If you have any questions about the Nutrition program please email