2023 YOGA & PILATES Sessions On Demand


Rent a single session or a bundle from our extensive Membership Library.

Choose from over 100 hours of Mat Pilates, Home Reformer, Reformer Pilates and Yoga.

Single class rentals expire in 48 hrs  |  Bundles expire in 7 days

Move with us Any time, Any where with no joining fees or ongoing cost.

Class Explanation and Equipment Required:


Mat Pilates

As it sounds, this is pilates on the mat! 

A Pilates/Yoga mat is recommended for this class.



In these classes we use sliders and resistance bands to simulate a homemade Reformer Bed. 

Bands and Sliders are required.



Reformer on the Pilates that we all know and love.

Access to a Reformer Bed is required.


Yoga 1

Yoga at home for the beginner. 

A Yoga mat and 2 blocks are required.


Yoga 2/3/restorative

Advanced levels (2 and 3) and Restorative Yoga at home.

You will need a bolster, blankets, blocks and a Yoga mat for all three class types.


Pranayama for beginners

Pranayama at home. 

You will need a beach towel or blanket.

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