Prerecorded Yoga Classes On Demand

Our ON-DEMAND LIBRARY offers flexibility and choice.

You can rent a single session or a bundle from our extensive Membership Library as one-offs.

Move with us Any time, Any where with no joining fees or ongoing cost.

Choose from over 100 hours of Mat Pilates, Home Reformer, Reformer Pilates and Yoga.

Single class rentals expire in 48 hrs.

Bundles expire in 7 days.

Equipment Required:

  • Mat Pilates – mat
  • Home Reformer- sliders and resistance band
  • Reformer Pilates – reformer bed
  • Yoga1 – mat 2 blocks
  • Yoga 2/3/restorative – bolster, blankets, blocks mat
  • Pranayama for beginners- beach towel or blanket

Choose your class by Type