The White Dog Mentor Pack

The White Dog Mentor Pack is a 10-week online coaching program for Reformer instructors.

It’s an opportunity to transform your teaching and confidence under the guidance of an expert – Heath Lander.

Places in the White Dog Mentor Pack are strictly limited. If you feel Heath’s insight and coaching can help you, apply here.

Contrology Collective

As part of the WDMP program, you have the opportunity to participate in Heath’s personal project, Contrology Collective Reformer Pack.

The Reformer Pack is a 10 week series of Masterclasses exploring the details, teaching and interrelationship of the advanced Reformer repertoire.

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Hear from instructors who have already been through the program:

Need to know more?

If you would like to discuss the program in more detail, please send Heath a Direct Message via Instagram at @contrologycollective and he’ll be in touch to book a call.


Weekly sessions

A total commitment of 4 hours per week is required 


Online session via Zoom


Melbourne time


Online session via Zoom


Melbourne time


Practice teaching session

Time TBC

Melbourne Time

Any time

Self Practice

1 hour duration 

PLUS this optional bonus 

Attend Contrology Collective Reformer Pack training.

Weekly for 10 weeks
Commencing Thursday
January 28
2 pm

Melbourne time


All programs paid in 10 equal instalments beginning immediately upon acceptance into the program.

Mentor Pack

Mentor Pack+ Reformer Pack

If you want to sharpen your skills in a supportive community overseen by one of Australia’s most respected and experienced instructors apply now.

Participation Requirements

  • Access to a Reformer for all three weekly sessions
  • A laptop and high-speed internet 
  • 2 hours per week of additional time for self-practice and self-reflection