Not sure which class is right for you?

Here’s a rundown of our classes to help you decide what you’d like to enrol in:

Reformer Pilates was invented by the creator of Pilates, to supplement mat-based practice. The machine itself is a bed-like carriage that offers resistance via springs and your own bodyweight. Today, people love it because this one piece of equipment offers hundreds of exercise variations.

Pilates Republic emphasises exercise without equipment and we offer a heap of contentment to help you stay active anywhere, anytime.  Pilates Republic is a unique movement method created by Heath to give you the best of Pilates, Gymnastics, Yoga and Capoeira. You can’t get this anywhere else.  You’ll get a stronger body, better balance, and greater agility. Your glutes, back and abs will be the strongest they’ve ever been.

Clinical/Small group Pilates – For anyone who is injured, prenatal (12 weeks and beyond), recently post natal or just wants special attention. Classes are smaller so the instructor is able to design a session each time that’s unique to your body. Many of our clients do 5-10 of these and then go into group classes when they’re strong enough. 

Strength Training is not something you can dip in and out of, you won’t get results and you’ll possibly get injured. It’s something you need to commit to. The progress you’ll see in yourself is intensely motivating – you leave most sessions looking forward to the next one already. Note: the course is a twice a week commitment. You don’t get benefits without this, plus to get your 4 movements done you need 2 classes a week. Strength Training is different from the other classes in the studio in the sense that when you’re training for strength you need periods of rest in between sets. It’s a thing that can’t be rushed. 

Kettlebell HIT (which stands for high intensity training) classes will get you fit in double-quick time. We work you hard. HIT is one of the most time-efficient ways to get in shape. You don’t need to exercise for hours to get benefits – you get in, get it done, and get out. We all live lives that are way too sedentary: your body is designed to get sweaty and out of breath, and it enjoys being put under a bit of pressure. HIT does exactly this. This pressure keeps your heart and lungs healthy, works your joints and muscles, and is a great way to get stronger.  We limit class numbers to make sure you work with proper technique. 

Yoga Republic which incorporates vinyasa or flow yoga with attention to detail and alignment. These sessions run in three different formats:

  • Morning practise: like a good coffee. Energising, strong and addictive. Focused on vinyasa that will wake you up, sharpen your senses and make you glad you’re alive.

  • Evening practise: wring out the tensions of the day, reconnect with the you that makes you tick.  Flowing, relaxing asana sequences designed to promote deep, restorative sleep.

  • Technique and application: the finer points of asana, taught at a slower pace, in a 75-minute class.  For the best possible outcome we recommend attending one class per week as well as any other open practise classes.

Lastly on the Yoga menu is Yin Yoga – a lovely slow paced class run on a Sunday morning. The key feature of Yin Yoga is long holds in the posture. It’s fantastic for relieving stress and rejuvenating the body. It’s also very accessible, so if you’re not very bendy or you’ve never done yoga before, don’t let this put you off.

Stretch project – there are obvious overlaps with yoga but the Stretch project has no philosophical or meditative aspect. This is about getting your hamstrings, hip flexors, spine and shoulders as supple and flexy as they need to be for a healthy happy life and to support your other exercises practises.