Strength and Mobility

Strength and Mobility

S+M classes focus on building, wait for it, strength and mobility.

Some of the Doggers who come take the flexibility and strength they develop into their chosen sports, some find it allows greater access to yoga poses and vinyasa fitness. Some enjoy the class simply for the challenges offered in the session. 

Over the last 4 years running these classes I’ve developed a knack for challenging people in the session of different abilities equally.  

So if you would like to be more flexible and to feel much stronger in your body I invite you to try out this class. Don’t be nervous about what happens in the session or the handstands and so on you see the people in there doing. They all started at the beginning and have built their strength and flexibility over time. It’s a tough class but a fun class and one that I take great pride in being able to share with a variety of ability levels.

Community. Encouragement. Guidance.

Like the rest of our classes, it’s a supportive and welcoming environment that encourages you to be yourself, to push your limits and to find new challenges.

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What others are saying

He is a patient, professional teacher. He is able to help beginners and more experienced people in the same class and seems able to know everyone’s limits. The classes are friendly and I look forward to them every time – even when I know they will be tough!


He teaches the class with an understanding that it is up to you put in the hard work, but to also be self aware. If you can’t do something today, don’t stress about it – learn from it today and improve on it tomorrow.


What's the schedule?

Strength and mobility classes take place nearly every day of the week.

The timetable is here

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