Strength & Mobility

If you would like to be more flexible and to feel much stronger in your body try a S&M class. Don’t be nervous about what happens in the session or the handstands and stretches that you see people doing. Everyone started at the beginning and have built their strength and flexibility over time. It’s a tough class but a fun class.

Strength & Mobility Classes

Fire all of the guns at once and explode into space!

This class will TOTALLY stretch your ideas around movement and progression. Crawl, walk, plank, hop, skip and jump… You are born to be wild and at the end of this session you will have earned the right to pass out in your own little private pool of sweat.

Please note: Individual hand towels are provided to wipe away all the blood sweat and tears.

(Not ideal for beginners /We recommend you do 4-5 session in another beginner friendly class

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