Small Group Fitness

He is a patient, professional teacher. He is able to help beginners and more experienced people in the same class and seems able to know everyone’s limits. The classes are friendly and I look forward to them every time – even when I know they will be tough!


He teaches the class with an understanding that it is up to you put in the hard work, but to also be self-aware. If you can’t do something today, don’t stress about it – learn from it today and improve on it tomorrow.


The things that I value – someone who remembers the ongoing problems or constraints that I have, asks how I am going, how my body is feeling when I get to the class and then gives me series of exercises, movements, instructions that fit what I need – with a bit a of push – that’s not really pushy”.


Last year. 7 surgeries. 4 rounds of chemo. I came here throughout all of that. It made a huge difference to my recovery.


I think I coped with Chemo(therapy) a lot better coming here. If I’d had a gym membership, I wouldn’t have done it.


When I first found out they said I’d have a hip replacement in 5 years. Well it’s been 5 years and my hip is just wonderful. I’m feeling so much stronger. Not just outwardly. Inside as well. It’s a great feeling.


I knew how important it was to strengthen my body but I felt quite vulnerable and frail. I no longer feel like this. Every day I see and feel the results and I’ve found enjoyment in challenging my mind and body.


I love how it makes me feel. I gave up my gym subscription because I was so happy with what was happening with Small Group Pilates.


I can do things that I would never have thought I could possibly do since I came to White Dog.


Small Group Fitness

For a variety of reasons some people prefer to work in smaller groups with a more focused attention from their trainer. The popularity of our small group Pilates format lead us to launch a small group fitness class. For people who are not injured, no longer pregnant but still love the small group style of class

These sessions combine:

  • Strength training tailored specifically to you and your goals
  • Pilates based exercises for your core
  • Fitness circuits to keep your heart pumping and your mind engaged

Community. Encouragement. Guidance.

Class Passes

We offer a money back promise on satisfaction for your Small Group Introduction Pack.

All you need to do is speak to the instructor at the end of your first session and request a refund.  This will then be passed on to the team to process your refund within 48 hours.

We will not accept emails or calls for refund after you leave the studio.

Class Passes

Small Group Fitness Class $45

Expiry 1 month from purchase

Grab a Single Pass for Small Group


5 Class Pack –  Small Group Fitness $195

Expiry 6 months from first use

Grab a Small Group 5 Pack


10 Class Pack – Small Group Fitness $350

Expiry 6 months from first use

Grab a Small Group 10 Pack


20 Class Pack – Small Group Fitness $600

Expiry 6 months from first use

Grab a Small Group 20 Pack

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