Why Pilates?

White Dog Pilates is a unique movement method created by Heath to give you the best of Pilates, Gymnastics, Yoga and Capoeira. You can’t get this anywhere else.

Have you always wanted to try Pilates because you’ve heard rave reviews about the effects it can have on your body? If so, get yourself down to a Pilates class at White Dog Studio.

We offer a #nobullshit approach to Pilates.  It’s not a silver bullet for every injury under the sun. It’s a simple, effective approach to fitness, strength and flexibility that irons out most aches and pains.

We focus to a large extent on courses so that you get to see the progress you’re making, which in turn builds motivation.

Participants have noticed that their bodies have never been stronger, their balance has never been better and that they’re more agile than they’ve ever been before.  What’s more is their glutes, back and abs are more defined than before they started.

If you’d like to know more about any aspect of our Pilates courses or you’d like to sign up for a course, get in touch by calling 04377 776 291 or alternatively you can book your classes online.

What's the schedule?

Pilates classes take place nearly every day of the week.

Timetable is here


There are three class levels:

White Dog Pilates is a unique movement method created by Heath to give you the best of Pilates, Gymnastics, Yoga and Capoeira.

There are two different levels

Level 1: This suits beginners – anyone new to our classes. Because the courses develop students strength, flexibility and endurance across the term we strongly recommend spending some time at Level 1 when you are new, to get used to our approach and build yourself towards level 2.

Level 2: Minimum requirement – one term in Level 1 Pilates or Reformer. These classes include work towards and beyond handstands, other inversions and backbends. It’s assumed in Level 2 that you are attending classes regularly

How to buy/book

Buy a Group Class Pass for $231.

This entitles you to one Group Class per week for the duration of the term.  This pass does not entitle you to any classes over the school holidays.

Timetable is here

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Take out a Monthly Membership – Small/Medium/Large can all book in and use class credits.

Introductory offer for new customers: Get the first two weeks @ half price! Purchase online and if you don’t wish to continue, just let us know anytime in the first 12 days (allowing two days for processing) and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. These memberships can be cancelled with 28 days notice at anytime after the trial period.

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What happens in the Pilates class