Mat Pilates


Helps me, mentally, to keep in a good place and to be fit, that’s what’s keeping me here.


It’s not just Pilates, it’s the joy of movement, the confidence of strength and flexibility…and remembering how much fun cartwheels are.


I had a misconception about what pilates can be: I thought about it as being not enough cardio,  boring classes and nothing challenging. During my first session realised I was wrong on all three counts. 


He is a patient, professional teacher. He is able to help beginners and more experienced people in the same class and seems able to know everyone’s limits. The classes are friendly and I look forward to them every time – even when I know they will be tough!


He teaches the class with an understanding that it is up to you put in the hard work, but to also be self-aware. If you can’t do something today, don’t stress about it – learn from it today and improve on it tomorrow.


Why Pilates?

Our bodies are a pump at every level. The respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems rely on the action of our muscles and bones to function. Movement helps bring blood back to the heart, to remove waste products and to carry nutrients to the cells. When you pump your system – when you move – you’re also flushing out old cells and waste gases but also emotions, old beliefs and old habits. Without movement, everything stagnates and you’re stuck.

Contrology (Pilates) is a flowing series of movements put together by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 20th century, designed to pump our bodies – joints, arteries, veins, muscles, lungs and minds – helping us stay fresh, focused and vital.

Community. Encouragement. Guidance.

You don’t have to be good at Pilates to do Pilates. It was designed for people who weren’t yet flexible or fit. It’s about getting better little by little. Stretching a little bit further every time, pushing yourself a little bit more.

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Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates – 60 minute class that teaches you the Pilates sequence, refines the details of it and focuses on flexibility required.

Mat flow – 45 minute class that leads you through the Pilates sequence, as it’s designer Joseph, intended.

What's the schedule?

Pilates classes take place nearly every day of the week.

The timetable is here

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The Brief History of Pilates

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