About me

As well as being a qualified personal trainer, Dan is a Powerlift Coach and a Strength & Conditioning Coach. And he’s a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. He’s owned and sold 2 fitness business: Kettlebell Republic (guess what they did there?), and Collective Athletic, a Crossfit Affiliate. He knows about HIT and Strength Training.

When he’s not working, he has a lovely wife and 3 kids, and he’s into “decentralisation utilising immutable blockchain technologies” (just ask him about it in class).

For his own fitness he loves climbing, archery, and lifting heavy things.

Dan has been preaching the following protocol for years:

“Frequent low-rep, high-quality strength training + Less frequent high intensity metabolic conditioning + As much low-intensity cardiovascular activity as possible”

What I offer

Kensington Personal Training

Are you ready to take the next steps with your fitness routine and engage the services of a personal trainer? If so, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the best personal trainer Kensington has available, and that’s where we can help. + Read More

Personal training designed to meet your fitness goals

At White Dog Studios on Moreland Street, Footscray, we offer some of the best personal training Kensington has available in our well-equipped fitness studio.

Not only will you get individual attention from one of the top trainers in the business but you’ll get the benefit of our years of experience in the fitness industry, all rolled together in a personalised training program for you.

We know that some trainers have a one-fits-all approach to training, but that isn’t the case at White Dog Studio. We’ve made it our aim to really listen to what you need in terms of fitness training and then design an individual program to meet those needs.

Delivered by a personal trainer with years of experience in the fitness industry

Whether you’re brand new to the gym or you’ve been working out for years, we’ll assess your current fitness level and create a plan that’s totally personal to you.

While the emphasis may be on Pilates, yoga and strength training, we believe that a combination of all three, combined with a little gymnastics and some high intensity interval training will help to improve your fitness levels, your strength, your flexibility and your physique.

However, don’t be put off if you’ve never tried any of these before. All our individualised programs are geared around you and your needs, and every session takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere to really motivate you to achieve your goals.

We believe training should be fun

We want to help you to become the very best version of yourself, whether you just want to be able to play with your kids, you want to stay strong and fit as you age, or you want to achieve your goal of appearing on a fitness stage in a bikini.

And that’s the vibe you’ll get when you sign up for personal training with us. We want to create a feeling of well-being whenever you work out, rather than feeling it’s a long, hard slog.

And that’s not to say that our methods aren’t effective; we’ve got years of experience in the fitness industry and we keep right up-to-date with all the latest advancements. In short, we really know our stuff, and how to get the best out of each person we train.

Sign up for personal training in Kensington

If we’ve whetted your appetite and you want to find out more about how our personal training can help you, call 0437 776 291. We’ll be pleased to answer any of your questions or to book you in for a trial session.

White Dog Studio specializes in pilates classes, yoga classes, high intensity training and reformer pilates.
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