There’s a Whole Lotta Mat Going On Right Now…

and a whole lot of reformer teachers brushing up on their mat teaching skills!

It looks like this is the world we will be living in for sometime.

A virtual group exercise paradigm where we can’t assume or even hope that the groups we teach will be reformer classes.

It’s time to get serious about mat work.

With over 15,000 hours of group teaching experience and a particular expertise in teaching the subtleties of mat work, I’m inviting you to come and join my newly formed pack.


Every week we’ll get together online and nerd out on a prepared topic ranging from sequencing, exercise layers, tips from White Dog’s internal instructor training program and more.

I’ll answer your questions and we’ll work together through repertoire from an instructors perspective; unpacking the biomechanics, sequencing and juicy cueing details of exercises.

White Dog Instructor Pack


L I M I T E D   P L A C E S   A V A I L A B L E

A note from Heath about the Instructor Pack:

The instructor pack is not a structured course as such.

It is a weekly group workshop where we talk about mat teaching principles, work through individual homework projects given the week before (which build into mat programs for the participants) and look at understanding exercises in more detail.

You also get access to the video library which is growing everyday – it’s made up of videos of varying lengths in which I unpack mat teaching and look at how basic exercises layer into more complex ones.

There is no minimum commitment.

We will shortly be releasing a more structured course that has a start and finish and works with the individual instructor and their working life realities.  To find out more about this course head to my Pilates nerd out/instructor wesbite at


Session will be hosted by Heath Lander.

As a group Pilates instructor Heath is second to none. He is known for his precise cueing, his ability to combine simple exercises, and his connection to clients. Not to mention his humorous, no BS writing on the subtle art of group instruction. He is a leader and an innovator in the industry.

Co-Founder/Owner of White Dog Studio

After establishing his reputation working at Breathe Wellbeing under the tutelage of Raphael Bender, a true luminary of the Australian Pilates world, Heath started his own business in his living room with one reformer and a couple of boxes.  The business moved to a small studio in less than a year and two years later became White Dog Studio; the first studio in Footscray devoted to Pilates and Yoga instruction (among other things).

A few years later, Heath and his partner Jo Angwin combined forces to open up White Dog Pilates in the Newtown area of Geelong.  They also rebranded Jo’s Yoga studio in Ocean Grove to become White Dog Yoga.

Instructor trainer at Breathe Education

Heath is an Instructor Trainer with Breathe Education where he is well known for his ability to make complex, challenging and often very new ideas easily understood. He knows how to bring in-the-field experience into the classroom.

And now: White Dog Online

White Dog online encompasses online learning across all disciplines taught at White Dog’s three studios – Reformer, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, Bar+Bell and Stretch.

In addition to the client online classes, Heath has developed an Online Learning Pack for Instructors to increase their knowledge around Pilates on the mat.

Heath is a total movement nerd and this online portal is an opportunity for you to learn from mat from one of the best.  You will will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn all about repertoire, biomechanics, sequencing and cueing for the mat.