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Laura Di Giorgio-Yates

Nutritional Therapist Melbourne

Laura is a Nutritional Therapist, Food and Wellness Educator and Mother to three beautiful boys. She has been passionate about health, fitness and wellness for the past 20 years, commencing with a personal interest in training and nutrition in her teens and then expanding into the study and practise of nutritional therapy and healing with whole foods following the birth of her eldest child nine years ago when he presented with gut dysfunction.   Her sons arrival led Laura down a path of intensive study into the gut which opened up a new way of thinking about food altogether.

Laura believes that balance is the key to living fruitfully and happily. Anything in the extreme, including the pursuit of extreme wellness, is unsustainable and stressful. Creating balance between your work and home life, sleeping well, focusing on a positive emotional relationship with food, exercise and other people, as well as mediating stress reactions in your body is just as important as eating the right foods. To achieve optimal health all of these things need to be in balance.

Laura's treatment approach

In a nutshell: food!

You can take as many supplements as you want but if you don’t digest well and you lead a stressful life with poor nutrition, you’re wasting your money necking pills. Of course there is a time and a place for correct supplementation to address nutritional deficiencies and combined with a whole foods diet, they work very well as an adjunct. But it starts with food. And using the right approach, you can discover what foods really suit you and what foods you should avoid for optimal health. By learning to eat intuitively you can avoid strict dieting regimes, calorie restriction, food addictions and emotional eating and enjoy a slimmer waistline as well.

Many people come to me asking for help to lose weight. When you follow a whole foods approach to eating, weight loss simply becomes a happy byproduct of a healthy lifestyle, secondary to the other health benefits you feel, such as increased energy, better sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased bloating and decreased joint pain.

I remain to be passionate about children’s health and family wellness. So many parents struggle to know how to feed their children well and still have time for themselves and their busy lives. It is not a requirement of a busy life to eat processed, packaged foods! It is simply a habit. And with the right tools, you can learn to feed yourself and your family with healthful, whole foods, made economically and with ease.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.


Healing Foods

What are healing foods? Why are they necessary? What causes inflammation in the body? What does the gut need to function best? Signs and symptoms of a leaky gut in adults and children. How to treat a leaky gut. Foods that inflame, foods that heal.

Demonstrations/discussions about how to prepare cultured vegetables, coconut yoghurt and broth correctly to get the best results.

Tasting Session:

Cultured Carrot Sticks
Coconut Yoghurt
Chicken Broth
Lamb Broth
Cashew Cheese

Healing Foods will be scheduled for a date very soon and will be held at White Dog Studio.

1:1 Coaching

Nutritional Consults

I offer one on one Nutritional Consults. My role at White Dog is to help members pinpoint areas of their lives they need to tweak in order to achieve their health and wellness goals. This extends beyond simply “dieting”. When a client sits with me, I take a full case history and the session lasts for an hour. Often times a client comes to me for a particular reason, for example; poor sleep, high levels of anxiety and poor digestion are common ones, as is stubborn weight. I ask a lot of questions about all the body systems in order to gather as much information as I can so that I can pinpoint why the client has been unable to achieve their goals thus far. If they can manage it, I also request that prior to coming in, a food diary is recorded so that I can see patterns of eating and areas that need improvement so that when I make suggestions I can take their tastes into consideration.

I don’t ever propose just one way of eating. I’m flexible in my approach to treatment as we all have different lifestyles, ways of behaving and desires. I can help track calories and macronutrients if you want to lose weight this way, or make suggestions to improve your digestive troubles and help you sleep better. Maybe you want to know what to eat for more energy or perhaps you need some supplements in cases of nutritional deficiencies after a stressful period in your life. After we have completed the session, we will set goals together and action them with a food plan and supplement recommendations.

Laura holds a full registration with ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association) Member Number 15792 and is covered by many health care providers. 

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