Move Good

Move Good is a bodyweight strength and flexibility program uniquely designed to keep you in a flow state throughout the session. Not a dreamy, spaced out ‘with the flow’ type state but rather that rewarding state we experience when the task at hand is just beyond reach; when time is elastic and we pursue our task for the pleasure of endeavour not a number, or box ticked.

Move Good Classes

Move Good includes:

• 1 x personalised strength and fitness program

• 2 x Move Good Classes per week for 10 weeks.

• 1 x extra Group Class per week that can be used for any class except Small Group sessions. (choose from a Yoga, Reformer, Mat Pilates, S&M or Bar+Bell session

We strongly recommend that you leave 48 hours minimum between Move Good sessions. If you choose to join this program, we’ll ask you to commit to the same two sessions per week and advance book you into the sessions you nominate to guarantee your place. We will need to book you into specific sessions in order to optimise your program sequence.

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