“White Dog isn’t a gym, not by the traditional sense. Nor is it a typical pilates or yoga studio, but we offer – and love – both of these forms of exercise. We just don’t see any reason why you can’t lift weights, practice kettlebells or just drop in to hang out there with other members of our community.”


Feel Good Factor

At White Dog, we focus on making sure that you FEEL GOOD when you’re working out and that you love White Dog as much as we do.


White Dog Vibe

You’ll find the atmosphere in the studio FRIENDLY AND NON-COMPETITIVE, and lots of customers tell us they come to us instead of going to a gym for that very reason. We have a diverse clientele: all ages, all abilities.  We get a lot of guys in our Pilates and Yoga classes and a lot of girls in our Bar+Bell classes. None of this has been engineered by us, it’s just the way the community has evolved and we love it.

We also offer a bunch of FREE STUFF…

  • A rewards program that gives you FREE CLASSES just for attending class, mentioning us on Facebook or recommending us to your friends.
  • A great weekly newsletter with tips on health and fitness, meditation and life in general.
  • A growing library of how-to-videos around the kind of techniques we teach in class so that you can do them yourself at home or while you’re travelling.
  • Contributing to the evolution and direction of the business by being a member of a progressive fitness community that is listened to by the owner, Heath Lander. The strength of our community comes from within.


Heath Lander – Owner White Dog Studios

G’day, I’m Heath Lander, owner of White Dog Studio. I’m a self-confessed movement nerd, who particularly loves Pilates, Gymnastics and Yoga. I’ve created my own movement method which is the backbone of the studio as well as teaching Pilates instructors who want to smash it in the industry.


“I’m on a mission to show people that getting older doesn’t mean you get less strong or less flexible.  That you can actually do just as much as you age. It’s not all over once you hit 30.

I help people move out of pain cycles and recover from injury to do things they never thought they would do again”.


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We hope that if nothing else you’ve enjoyed reading this. If there are still questions we haven’t answered please feel free to email info@whitedogstudio.com.au. Otherwise, hope to see you in the studio soon.