Navigate the tempest of modern life with a map refined over millennia.

Movement is core to being human, and yoga helps both strengthen the body and the mind, so you can handle whatever is happening in your life.

Yoga Classes

YOGA 1 – How yoga works
This is the best place to start. Learn how yoga works

An estimated 2 billion people practice yoga worldwide because it works. A good yoga session can give you the tools to be brave, stand tall, puff your chest and get stuff done calmly. You are worth it.

(Ideal for beginners / Okay for anyone and everyone)


YOGA 2 – Be ready to change
Bring your tool kit for yoga 1 and get ready for discovery

Your only job is to be with yourself on the mat and see who you are. Life has stress, and no yoga is not a cure, but it will help you see, feel and experiment with reactions. A creative way to take care of each and every part of you.

(We recommend doing a minimum of 10 Yoga 1 classes first / Not suitable for your first time doing yoga)


YOGA 3 – Here and now
Life is full of stress and stressors and yoga is where we learn to see, feel and understand reaction

Forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down and inside out.
Discover creative ways to approach stressful situations – in class and in life.

(For the creative and the adventurous / Not suitable for beginners / We recommend a minimum of 12 months on the mat before you head into a Yoga 3 class)


Conscious breath practice

The yoga taught at White Dog – Iyengar Yoga – teaches a lot about lifting and lengthening the spine, expanding the chest and softening the abdomen.

This is not a random or purely physical approach to movement. The asana – physical practice – is in service to the breath practice. The way breathe defines the way we live and the way we feel.

The only thing that will truly be with you until the day you die – your breath – is a thing worth getting to know.

(Ideal for beginners / Okay for anyone and everyone)


The sun salutation

Bedrock of the global yoga phenomenon this aeons old movement cycle has been the warm up for Yogis from all lineages through the ages.

This session at White Dog threads standing Asana into the sun salute and can be attended as a single session or as the warm up – as it was intended – for deeper work in the following Asana class.

(Ideal for beginners / Okay for anyone and everyone)

Mindful Meditation

The last four limbs of Yoga, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi focus on the more internal practices of sensory withdrawal, concentration, meditation and bliss.

In our mindful meditation sessions you can expect to be introduced to the basic techniques of meditation, learning how to set up, sit and observe our current state.

The sessions can be done in a supine or seated position and they are open to everyone wanting to learn how to develop a basic meditation practices

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