We are back!

In-studio classes recommence on Monday 2 November.

We look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Please see our timetable for all class options.

White Dog Studio Geelong

White Dog studio opened in Newtown in October 2019 offering Reformer Pilates and our unique approach to personalised/clinical pilates developed over the last 10 years at the Footscray studio, affectionately known as ‘Move Good’

The social distancing restrictions applicable at reopening after the COVID 19 lockdowns meant that Reformer Pilates was no longer possible. 

As so many businesses have had to, we took a breath, looked at what we do well,  what was possible and we restructured accordingly.

The Newtown studio offers classes taught by the Founders Heath Lander and Jo Angwin

Yoga – yogasana (physical postures) pranayama (conscious breathe practice) and yogic philosophy (mindfulness and practice in everyday life)

Clinical Pilates – Small groups limited to 4 people. Focus on pain solutions and rehab

Move Good – personalised Pilates programming unique to White Dog. Focus on strength and mobility 

Heath Lander has been a Pilates and fitness instructor for the last 20 years. He remains hands on, teaching daily classes as a group and clinical instructor. As a teacher trainer he has taught over 1000 certificate 4 Pilates professionals nationwide. Heath and his family live in Geelong.

Jo Angwin has been a full time yoga instructor for 20 years. She is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and senior level classical Hatha yoga teacher. She has been a fixture for yoga students in the Bellarine peninsula, Geelong and Ballarat areas over the last two decades.

White Dog’s mission is to help humans live a life that is better than before through regular movement and a friendly, inclusive studio atmosphere. The new structure at Geelong is different from what it was but still represents an expression of our core purpose. 

If you have previously enjoyed our approach to Reformer teaching we encourage you to give our Yoga and/or Move Good sessions a try; they are expressly focused on the same outcomes and taught by the same people that developed our approach to Reformer Pilates.

White Dog Studio Intro offer

4 classes for $45 excluding Clinical Pilates
to be used within 21 days of your first class

4 classes for $45 INTRO OFFER

See our timetable page for our hours


White Dog Studio