Frequently Asked Questions

White Dog Studio is open 7 days a week and classes run all year around.

We run on a reduced timetable between Christmas and New Year. For Public Holidays, please check our timetable.

What types of classes are offered?

We offer a carefully curated suite of classes that work equally well as unique disciplines and as part of an integrated, multi-modal approach.

Reformer Pilates: this machine supported style of pilates is one of the fastest growing exercise modes in the world. The reformer provides both stability and challenge at appropriate times and in the hands of a master instructor, it is a uniquely powerful fitness, strength and flexibility training tool. Like any tool ,the reformer is at its safest and most effective when being presented by an expert – which is what we ensure and guarantee through our in house White Dog certification process. Our trainers are nationally accredited and then some.


Intro to Reformer45 minutes
Start here if you are not experienced on Reformers or Pilates generally. You will learn the fundamental exercises, how to use the machines and become familiar with our teaching methodology.

Precision and practice45 minutes
A slower pace, attention to detail, builds the foundations and refines the details. Our teachers will show you how to use the reformer as a tool for improving your movement and life.

Flow 45 – Reformer45 minutes
A pepped-up, full-body workout integrating familiar White Dog Studio reformer exercises creatively. If you’re ready to intensify your Reformer workout, you’ll want to experience this class designed by our expert teachers to be a smooth flowing combination of cardio, flexibility and co-ordination.


Mat Pilates:  mat Pilates is a dying art. Our classes and our planning approach are increasingly unique and sought after in Melbourne. We guarantee all that you would expect from a pilates class – core strength, a dynamic, sweaty and fun workout – as well as unexpected bonuses like discovering that you can do a handstand. These classes incorporate the White Dog approach to facilitated stretching that will give you flexibility you never thought possible.


Mat Pilates – 1 hour
This class teaches you the Pilates sequence, refines the details of it and focuses on flexibility required.

Mat flow – 1 hour
A class that leads you through the Pilates sequence, as it’s designer Joseph, intended.


Bar+Bell: There are some globally successful high intensity exercise brands making big waves these days. Based on our work with people recovering from injuries sustained in high intensity exercise environments we developed Bar+Bell to give people the benefit of high intensity cardio without the risks associated with high velocity power training. If you have ever wanted to get strong, blast your metabolism and feel strong in a safe, supportive and friendly environment, this is the ticket.


Yoga: The ultimate mind body connection. We run level 1, 2, 3 classes which are progressively more challenging. We also run Vinyasa classes which offer a flowing, non stop meditative workout. If you are a beginner, it’s level 1 or vinyasa to start.

Our Yoga classes are designed and overseen by Jo Angwin, an Iyengar yoga certified instructor with 20 years experience teaching yoga and running her own successful studio on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Do I have to have a membership to join White Dog Studio?

Hell no. Our membership is our most cost-effective option and it’s based on giving you access to the optimal number of sessions for a healthy, vibrant life regardless of lifestyle but it is not the only way our folks access our expert lead sessions.

But we also have pass packs which offer more flexibility.


How much does a membership cost per week?

Our membership is $54 per week


Are all classes included in my membership?

You can attend our classes as often as you like, with the exception of our Small group Pilates sessions. These highly specialised sessions with no more than 5 clients per instructor are a different price point.


Is there a joining fee?

No. There never has been and never will be.


Once I sign up for a membership is there a cooling off period for me to change my mind?

Yes. The cooling off period is 7 days.

How do I buy a pass/membership or book a class?

We offer amazing self-service capability via the MindBody Online app. Download it and you can:

  • Register yourself
  • Make purchases
  • Book and early cancel (up to 9 hours before the class starts) drop in classes

If a class is fully booked you can join the waitlist and receive an email once you’re placed in class, which will happen if someone early cancels from the session (early cancellation is possible until 9 hours before class commences).

If a class is fully booked AND the waitlist is also full, the SIGN UP button will not be available on the timetable and it is highly unlikely that you would be able to get a spot in that class.

Please note, the booking system will move you from the waitlist up until four hours before class if possible, so it’s important to keep an eye on your inbox until that time.

If you are experiencing tech issues with MBO or would like to book a class for the entire term contact us via email at

Get the MindBody app

What results will I achieve? How long will it take?

By regularly exercising and improving your eating habits you can expect to increase your fitness, gain strength and tone, lose weight, boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, sleep better, and feel energised and happy!

The gold standard for exercise according to the most up to date sports and health science research is 200+ minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise (aka slightly out of breath) and two strength training sessions per week (major muscle groups working to fatigue with 72 hours to recover. More here (what is exercise anyway)

If your specific goal is to lose weight, our classes combined with the White Dog Nutrition Mission is your best ticket. By sticking to the meal plans and attending 2 – 3 classes per week, you can expect to lose 0.5 – 2kg per week, depending on your starting weight.

What can I expect from my first few visits?

White Dog has built its reputation on highly experienced, highly trained teachers running classes that work you safe, hard and smart. All of our classes are run to weekly, monthly and annual planning cycles so there is nothing random or ‘general’ or random about your training. All classes include general skills training (GST) and specific skills training (SST) which means you always get a dynamic, fun and sweaty workout as well as some high value, personal attention that pushes your mind-body connection and keeps you moving towards greater flexibility, coordination, fitness and strength.


White Dog runs a small and tight-knit team. We communicate constantly about class planning, client outcomes and self/team improvement. We keep confidential training notes on all our regular clients which allow us to manage individual goals and requirements across multiple class types. If you have any particular injury concerns or goals you only need mention them to your trainer and know that where appropriate we will communicate to ensure you get the best possible care in all classes.


How often should I exercise and what type of exercise is best for me?

Will doing weights burn fat?

Any strength training – working a muscle to point where it begs you to stop – helps to maintain or increase your muscle mass. It can be weights, push ups, Reformer lunges. Which is a simple way of saying it increases the actin and myosin cross bridges in your muscle cells. These little wonders that are kind of like microscopic velcro faces inside your muscle cells literally chew through energy producing amino acid reactions. They are the cylinders in the engine that is each and every muscle cell. The more cylinders, the more energy your body burns, the leaner you get. Inside your muscle cells is the only time you want to be compared to one of those annoying V8 utes that young men in high visibility gear are drawn to.


Is cardio exercise alone enough?

Not if you want healthy strong bones and long vibrant life.

Cardio workouts alone will burn both fat and muscle (not muscle cells, just the actin-myosin cross bridges mentioned earlier) Reducing muscle mass brings with it risks of weakening your bones and slowing your metabolism (your body’s ability to burn fat)


How often do I need to exercise?

It really depends on your reasons for exercising. But as a starting point 1-2 sessions per week will build your endurance, strength and confidence. After a month or two like that you can start to develop a sense of what you like and what works for your schedule. If you get a taste of the inner peace yoga offers you may well find yourself in the studio 4-7 times a week – based on other members.

If you are training to enjoy a healthy, fit flexible life you may find yourself doing a mix of Reformer, Mat and Bar+Bell.


Exercising for longevity and health – as mentioned earlier – is best achieved with 2 sessions a week that push your strength (Pilates mat, Reformer, Bar+Bell) as well as a slightly more variable number of minutes in a cardio state (Pilates Mat, Bar+Bell).


What can I expect from your studio... and how do I get there?

We want you to feel at home. Our waiting area has tea and water, plus plenty of reading material, and relaxing tunes. You are more than welcome to sit and chill out before and after sessions.

Lots of clients like to arrive early and warm up with spiky balls and there are some mats for your own warm up or extra cool down after class.

The toilets and change rooms are located in the back corner of the studio.  And there is a fridge available for your use.


Parking is a breeze. There is abundant 2 hour free parking all around the studio on Wingfield and Moreland streets.

What do I wear?

It’s no fashion parade at White Dog, you just need to make sure you are wearing something that is comfortable and breathable.

We just ask that you wear some runners for Bar+Bell classes.

How do I book appointments for 1:1 sessions?

For 1:1 Appointments, purchase the 1:1 credit (Pilates/Yoga) online, email the receipt to and we will call you to book an appointment time.

How do I cancel or suspend by membership?

If I decide to, how do I cancel my membership and what are the costs to do this?

If you decide you no longer want to be a member at White Dog Studio, you can cancel at any time. You should notify us as soon as possible, by email, to begin the cancellation process. Cancellation conditions apply.


What happens if I go on holiday or would like some time off the gym?

Membership can be put on hold for up to 12 weeks per calendar year, for a minimum of two weeks at any one time. This deferral can be extended for overseas travel or medical reasons, and the minimum deferral period is two weeks.


All suspensions/cancellations should be in writing to


Can I Bring A Friend

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Working out with a friend is great motivation and helps keep you on track with your health and fitness goals – not to mention, it makes training much more fun! Chat to your trainer or contact us via to learn how you can get your friends and family involved, and earn free classes when they sign up.