Bar+Bell | The Butcher’s Dog Challenge

Our Bar+Bell program is driven in part by data. We measure development across three key indicators, every quarter, tracking scores in the studio and online. These indicators are:

Absolute Strength  – measured in kilograms lifted through the deadlift.
Relative (bodyweight) Strength – measured in pull ups completed continuously until fatigue.
Muscular Endurance – measured in repetitions completed in 5 minutes with the kettlebell swing.

Training for and completing the above exercises under strict conditions places emphasis on competing with yourself and not other people. The conditions are all measurable and repeatable and offer each participant a chance discover their individual strengths and weaknesses, shifting focus for the next stage of their journey at White Dog Studio.

Why Deadlift, Pull up and Kettlebell Swing?

The three events test a unique trade-off between these abilities. While larger participants may have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pull ups. The kettlebell swing is the leveler and tests all participants equally. They also:

  • Offer a high return on investment in terms of time/effort vs physical improvment.
  • Are all internconnected. Grip, back strength, abdominal/core strength, creating and maintaining a strong lower back. 
  • All have a small chance of injury when completed with good technique. 


Each participant gets a total score and a breakdown from each event. The scoring is as follows:

Kettlebell Swing: 1 point per kettlebell swing (within 5 mins, rests permitted)
Deadlift: 1 point per kg lifted. (3 attempts, best score taken)
Pull Ups: 10 points per pull up

Points for pull ups are higher for two reasons:
1) The pull up is the hardest to attain mastery
2) We want to promote this exercise the most in the studio due to the physical benefits

The rules are simple, the training is hard, the beneifts are great.


Weights and rules are scalable depending on gender and also takes in to account beginner or advanced participants.

The rules will be issued a week before each Butchers Dog event and will follow the same high standard of technique and form that we promote on a daily basis. Most of all, we intend the journey to be fun, energizing and rewarding no matter you level of skill. If you turn up for your weekly sessions consistently, practice hard and recover smart then we’re confident you will all become as fit as a butcher’s dog!