Osteoporosis – prevention starts today

If you are a woman you have a 1 in 2 chance of breaking a bone due to Osteoporosis.

These chances are increased by prolonged use of female contraception, menopause, and childbearing. 

We tend to think of bones as fixed and immutable. In fact, for such solid, load-bearing structures they are remarkably changeable and responsive to stimuli.  When we run our hip joint absorbs between 10 – 20 times our own bodyweight! 

Osteoporosis, as the onomatopoeia predicts is related to porosity.

The microscopic spaces in a bones structure become larger. Think of an aero bar where the bubbles are getting bigger. The effect is that the density, or strength of the bone is compromised. 

Bone density reaches its natural peak at the age of approximately 30 years. Every year subsequent, our bones becoming increasingly porous.

The good news here is that in most cases Osteoporosis is preventable and even reversible.

Over the last half-decade or so White Dog has been working with a number of women of all ages to address bone density issues. 

We’ve got to a point now where with the results we’ve seen – confirmed by before and after bone density scans – we think we’re pretty darn good at it.