Pilates Republic or Yoga Republic – Which one is right for me?


They are simple, effective and to the point.

They will give you greater control of your body, a strong, supple core and will make you feel frickin awesome.

Drawing on the principles that make Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire so effective, Pilates Republic classes are vigorous, physically demanding and highly, highly addictive.

The Pilates repertoire was designed to make your body strong, agile and ready for anything. It has no philosophical or meditative aspects.  Classes are presented in term size blocks that we call courses. They run in line with school terms and in levels 1 and 2.

Week 1 and 2 are always a refresher of the basics and introduce new students to the way the classes work.  Level 1 is not necessarily easier than level 2.  Level 1 focuses on the basics and builds strength, endurance and flexibility.  Level 2 classes are available by invitation
from level 1. They include training towards handstands, backbends and gymnastic ring work.

Classes are taught in a carefully designed, ‘layered’ format so that whether you’re a beginner or a gymnast there is challenge available to you.

If you enjoyed your class or want to know what to expect you can follow along to a basic warm up here:

If you would like to try level 2 before level 1, we’ll assume you are currently physically active. We request that next time you’re in the gym or on the mat you go through our Pilates Republic heat map. Count your capabilities and decide for yourself. It’s a great little document that will be with you forever. You’ll never be without a workout designed just for you!


Because we could all do with a little more day to day inner peace. No?

Yoga is about a lot of things, but first and foremost it is about looking after ourselves, those around us and the world around us for mutual benefit.  Yoga translates roughly from the sanskrit “yog” as ‘yoking’ or tying together.

The practise of yoga aims to tie together our body, our mind and the other bit… soul, atman, consciousness… the bit that science can’t explain. A bit like water, milk and coffee combine to make a perfect latte.

Yoga Republic helps you do this through movement and breathing – asana and pranayama.  Whereas Pilates Republic classes train you towards outcomes – push you to achieve new things with your body – Yoga Republic, in essence doesn’t care what you can do with your body.

In the Yoga Republic we use our bodies to observe our response to challenge, to find a more peaceful relationship with ourselves and the world around us, and to be observant (some might say mindful) of the way we react to challenges.

That might make it sound like it’s all about challenge. It’s not.

Our morning and evening practise classes use vinyasa (flowing movement) and breathing to create suppleness in your body and equilibrium in your mind. We help you feel relaxed and calm as well as challenged. These classes are ‘open’ sessions. Open to all students.

Technique and application classes move a little slower and pay more attention to the details of asana. The classes are run in term size blocks that we call courses and we highly recommend at least one of these classes per week. In these classes we will hep you to find your way towards more challenging positions and deeper understandings of the poses you know.


If you still have questions about which class is right for you, call in to the studio and have a chat to one of the instructors.