Practice is essential

When you step onto the mat in front of your teachers, whether it be for Yoga, Pilates or HIT, what you, as a student should work to cultivate, accept and recognize is the value in how you can take in the teachings that are being offered to you, and put them into your practice right then and there.

What was that instruction you were given in class??

As students of a subject, any subject, we should expect to practice.

Practice means looking, listening, choosing, applying the effort, and doing those actions that bring a steady experience through a more stable body, greater oxygenation of the cells and contentment with our own individual efforts.

Like any new language, whether it be Music, French, or Physical movement, the basics of comprehension, technique and application help establish the foundations of your understanding. The basics create, support and instil the confidence that is required for your individual progression.

Attune your ears to listen and receive and above all practice to feel.

Just turning up to class and performing is not enough, whether you are the teacher or the student. Practice is essential to understand your own body, mind and breath through the subject as it comes to you.

‘As a yoga teacher, I regularly observe students either limiting the freedom of their bodies movements because of fear, lack of understanding and/or pain, or attempting to break the bodies limits by using willpower and force inan incorrect manner. It is in my opinion that when the body is unprepared, both these approaches are fundamentally wrong.’

Come to classes to learn a method to progress that is step by step.

Learn the basic and never underestimate the value in learning them over and over again.

Your teachers have learnt to teach you step by step.

So let go and trust them.

Try not to let your desires get in the way of a respectful truth.

Maybe your right thigh is dull and does not respond to the instructions!

In the process of learning, work to understand and let go of the attachments, fears, aversions and false identities that influence your understanding. Come to the session with an open mind and an eagerness to change.

Why pay to stand before a teacher and then choose not to listen?

Come and be intense and determined?

Accept the teaching in whatever way it comes to you and enjoy the mental space that surrendering to a process invites.

Progress is not checked by your list of injury nor is it checked by your abilities to stand on your head for 20 minutes or lift 150Kg.

You all know the body a little, you have read about itand studied its systems at some stage in your life atschool. This study of your anatomy and physiology gave you an objective knowledge of the body. What about your experience of your body, of being in your body, with your body? There are so many ways to measure progress, sensitize and educate physical movement and dare I say, to experience our very existence.

Check in with your motivations and look at the body, and get to know it well for it is the ONLY body that you will be given for this life journey.

Come to your classes ready to hear the teachings being delivered to you. Be disciplined in your approach and respectful of your own body and the teacher’s ability to ‘See’ you.

Be prepared to learn from the beginning, trust and value what experience has to offer you.

Watch who you become when you are challenged and deal with that!