Comparison is the thief of joy in lifting


Next week kicks off a new term of strength at WDS. Tuesday will be dedicated to deadlift while Thursday will be dedicated to squats. As these are two of the ‘vital few’, we’ll cover these extensively before we introduce bench press. The sessions will also include fast explosive moves and bodyweight exercises so expect a high cardio output towards the end of the session. For us, the term cardio now means ‘continued strength’ 🙂 

Comparison is the thief of joy in lifting so remember you are tracking your own individual numbers and targets (which we will set up in good time) so don’t be concerned if others are lifting heavier that you. We’re all different and have different strengths and weaknesses! Focus on you own lifting: we’re working on individual goals, this isn’t a team sport. 

As we will all be on-ramping and focusing on technique, our benchmarking won’t be done until the last week of term where everyone will walk away with a ‘score’ covering multiple exercises and will be used as a target for the end of the second term. This score will also give you clear areas to focus on. We won’t be setting targets at the start of term as you generally see your greatest and fastest improvements in that period. It’s only when we reach our plateau that we set short and long term goals. 

Please remember to come fuelled for the sessions. A light meal 90 mins before and please drink water through out. Be aware that muscles get stronger while in a recovery period, so your recovery should include adequate sleep, low stress levels where possible :-), and suitable intake of nutrients such as fats, protein and carbohydrates.