Strength Training – what is it?

Over the last year and with much learning from my amazing wife (who has all sorts of awesomeness up her sleeves), I finally started embracing my minimalist nature.

The same minimalist concept can be applied to training.

If you want to get strong, then the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Pull Up will do 90% of what you’re after in as little as 45 minutes per session. My work is done, thank you very much.

Seriously, apart from some basic supporting exercises, it’s all there if the intensity is high. Follow the protocol and it means you’re always fresh and never frustrated trying to figure out overly complicated routines. Just train efficiently and effectively.

Don’t get me wrong, more complex plans are good for coaches to create the structure needed to improve performance for particular sports, or for rehab, but my years of experience tell me that the most effective way for busy people to get results is to get in, do only what NEEDS to be done and get to hell outta dodge. In summary, just get good at the basics.

That’s what we’ll be teaching at White Dog Studio – the basics, done safely, and  with an intensity that’s right for your fitness level.

What Strength Training at White Dog isn’t: it’s not Crossfit and it’s not Olympic Lifting (the stuff you see on TV at the Olympics), it’s simply some basic functional exercises (that means stuff you use in your everyday life) that will improve your overall strength. 

Great article on the big 3 here:

Look forward to seeing you in the studio. 

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