Why Barbell?

A combination of powerlifting, kettlebell training and bodyweight endurance. Designed by experts with a combined industry experience of over 50 years. Giving you strength, coordination and fat-burning fitness.

The problem with the fitness industry is that since the government subsidised accredited training, the industry is awash with trainers with a basic knowledge, competing in a flooded market.

It gets worse.

The rise of a well known but unnamed global fitness brand means these young trainers often encourage speed as well.  This has meant that finding safe, challenging and effective fitness training is a minefield.

Bar+Bell is an approach to fitness training developed by Pilates instructors and Exercise Physiologists over a ten year period to be safe and effective for everyday people.

We guarantee to provide a supportive, welcoming setting for everyone and sessions that meet you with just the right challenge.

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What's the schedule?

Bar+Bell classes take place nearly every day of the week.

Timetable is here

How to Buy/Book

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