In consultation with Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths Bar+Bell was designed and tested over a ten year period. The result; a perfect combination of lean strength, awesome cardio conditioning and functional pre-hab that makes you as strong as a bulldog and lean as a whippet.

Bar+Bell Classes

Bar+Bell classes are a winning combination of strength training, cardio and Pilates designed to get you fit, strong and flexible no matter what stage of life you are at.

Every workout consists of a thorough warm-up, skills development, strength training and a blast of cardio that will knock your socks off. Our trainers connect, drive and unite; they get to know you and how to motivate you along with applying the latest sports science and psychology to get you optimum results.

(Suitable for beginners wanting to start lifting weights / Prenatal is ok if you have  previous training / If you are not sure please contact us for a 1:1 intro session)

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