Course/Term Pass prices

Term passes for this term will all have different prices this term as term is only 9 weeks long. All the details on our prices page

Change to LARGE subscription

For those who on a Large Subscription: Clinical Pilates will be removed from this package from 1 January. If you would like to change your subscription as a consequence simply email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au and Amanda will action this for you.

Changes to HIT as a result of your feedback

Thank you to our HIT people for the feedback you gave us recently.

You said:

  • You would like a greater focus on technique.
  • And smaller groups.

Which is entirely consistent with the principles behind White Dog. So this is cool.

We have changed up HIT quite substantially as a result: it essentially becomes a premium small group experience like Clinical Pilates or Strength Training.

  • There will now be a maximum of 12 people in each class. This means each person will receive personal instruction on technique and we can also push you harder.
  • HIT will no longer take drop ins, it’s something you will need to make a commitment to attend. It’s ok to miss the odd session for sickness/holiday etc, but we will no longer take drop ins in order to be able to guarantee good technique whilst working hard.
  • To be able to offer small groups, what we’re going to do is run 2 classes each Tuesday and Thursday, each of 30 minutes each. You will need to get there 15 minutes beforehand to warm yourself up in the studio and be ready to work hard from the first minute of the class/ Also to cool yourself down/stretch afterwards. The 30 minutes will be ALL WORK – no warm up, no cool down.

New times will be: 6.45-7.15 and 7.15-7.45pm each Tuesday and Thursday. Timetable is here.

Sadly, we need to let you know that Dan can’t work on Saturdays any longer – he has a family and needs his weekends. So for now there’s no HIT on Saturdays, it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays only. We are looking for a replacement for the new year however and will let you know as soon as possible.

All the details on pricing for next term are on the HIT page high intensity training.  In summary there is a one-class-a-week pass and a twice-a-week pass.

If you’re interested in doing a taster session before committing you can do so on 20th December at 7.15pm. Simply email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au and Amanda will book you in.

As places are limited we recommend you book your spot for next term NOW. Simply email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au and Amanda will allocate spots on a first come first served basis.

If you’re not on subscription and are paying by term pass, there is no need to pay for your passes yet, by emailing Amanda you’re giving her permission to charge your card on 23rd January.

First dibs goes to people already doing HIT, then to existing WDS members, and then then finally to new customers, sold through Free Trial Week in January.

Changes to Strength Training as a result of your feedback

Thank you to everyone for the feedback you gave us on the first term of ST.

In a nutshell you said:

  • You would prefer these groups to be smaller to enable greater focus on technique
  • You would like the sessions to be longer

We are therefore capping them at 8 people rather than the 12 we ran with in the first term and we’re making them an hour long. Expect them to be much harder work  as a consequence. You did ask 🙂

This means:

  • Slightly amended times: 5.45pm-6.45pm and 7.45-8.45pm each Tuesday and Thursday of next term
  • Only 16 places: so get in quick

If you want to book now for next term there are 3 ways to pay, with 2 really great special offers for existing customers on subscriptions. 

1. Term/Course pass

  • Full price for this coming term is $35 per session x 2 session per week x 9 weeks of term: total $630. Even at this price it’s a really great offer when compared to what personal training would cost with a reputable trainer.
  • Payment will be taken in 3 payments, 2 weeks apart.
  • If this is you please book yourself in to Dan’s FREE taster session on 24th January at either 5.45pm or 7.45pm. Just email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au to be booked in –  be quick, there’s only 8 spots. We strongly recommend you try before you buy, as there is no backing out once term has started. If you cannot or choose not to attend the taster session we cannot be responsible for you changing your mind later – sorry but there are only 16 spots and they are in high demand.

2. For anyone who has been doing ST this term we are offering a massively discounted rate of $25 per class

  • You’ll be getting the entire term for $450 ($25 x 2 x 9 = $450), a massive discount of $180 on full price.
  • If you’re on a subscription no problem: we’re offering you the change to TOP UP your subscription at a cost of $10 per session. $10 x 2 sessions per week x 9 term weeks is a one off payment of $180 on top of your subscription. This will be taken from your account on 23rd January.
  • If you’re not on a subscription Amanda will simply take one payment of $450 on 23rd January.
  • Either way please email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au to book your place for next term and confirm that Amanda can take payment on 23rd January 2017.
  • Note that in booking a spot you are making a no-backing-out-committment to pay and attend the course.
  • We are giving our foundational ST people first dibs on places: but you do need to let us know by COB on 23rd December, so we know how many spots we can either allocate to other WDS members, or to be sold through Free Trial Week. 

3. WDS customers on a subscription: we are offering you a massively discounted rate using your existing subscription – for your first term only

  • This is really great value, you’re getting two $35 classes per week for around $17-18 depending on your subscription.
  • You will be committing to 2 sessions per week, whether you attend or not, of the allocation you have in your existing subscription.
  • If you’re not on a subscription at the moment, YES you can put yourself on to one to get your hands on this offer
  • Please book yourself in to Dan’s FREE taster session on Tuesday 20th December at 7.45pm. Just email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au – be quick, there’s only 8 spots. We strongly recommend you try before you buy, as there is no backing out once term has started. If you do not attend the taster session we cannot be responsible for you changing your mind later – sorry but there are only 16 spots and they are in high demand.
  • Note that first right of refusal is being given to those already doing ST. We will know by COB on 23rd December how many vacant spots we have and you will be notified by Amanda whether you have a space. It will be first come first served.

These offers are excellent, and ST did sell out completely last term, so it’s best to get in quick if you don’t want to be disappointed: you have until COB on 23rd December to email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au to book your place. 

To recap: people already doing ST get first dibs. After that we’ll allocate spot to other White Dog members. And any left after that will be sold through our next Free Trial Week in January.

Clinical Pilates devotees

We had some feedback that the Clinical Pilates devotees were finding it hard to get into sessions, and so we have created some extra space for you. From January you should find it much easier to get in. Thanks for your patience.

Book now for next term

As usual we will be running a large promotion in January around the studio – another Free Trial Week – and the studio will get full. Our priority is to make sure that our existing members get first dibs on the spots you want. So, for absolutely any of the other courses you want to do next year – Yoga Republic, Pilates Republic, Reformer – we’re offering you the chance to BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW. This means you are guaranteed to get a place, and we will only promote and sell those spaces that we know are available.

Whether you’re on a subscription or are going by Course/Term passes all you need to do is email hello@whitedogstudio.com.au and Amanda will book you in. Please do this before COB on 23rd December – our marketing will kick in on 1st Jan and by then we need to know what capacity is open.

For those on Course/Term passes: this is not an attempt to get your cash out of your pocket early, it’s a genuine offer to ensure you get the spots you want. Payment will not be taken until 23rd January. We do ask that you respect the spirit of this offer: you are making a commitment to do the course and to make payment in January. This is not an opportunity to provisionally book ahead and cancel later.