Strength Training Melbourne

Why Strength Training?

Your body is designed to be strong! We weren't designed to sit all day and to have electronic devices do all our work for us. Your body was made for this!

For women, Strength Training is vital as we age: it's proven to help with bone density and a healthy increase in testosterone, which is really important, for women hitting the menopause.

It makes you feel strong inside: There is nothing like picking a heavy bar up off the floor to change how you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem goes through the roof. It's better than therapy.

If you want to strip a little bit of fat, and have a body that looks lean and strong, this is how to get it. The TRUTH is that strength training is the FASTEST way to boost your metabolism and create an efficient system of burning fat.

Strength training can be considered your “fountain of youth”. Studies show that after age 20 your muscles begin to degenerate, so that means you literally lose muscle with age. This will slow down your metabolism drastically.

NOTE: White Dog Strength Training will NOT have you looking like a meathead from the gym, or a Crossfit girl with massive legs and arms. Respect to all these people for what they can do, but this is not how we train. They're doing a particular kind of workout, they're probably in the gym 6 times a week, and for some, it's clear that there is pharmaceutical assistance involved. What we do will DEFINITELY give you muscle shape, and you'll likely get leaner and stand up taller, but YOU WILL NOT BULK UP. Trust me on this. 

Why is Strength Training only a course?

Strength Training is not something you can dip in and out of, you won't get results and you'll possibly get injured. It's something you need to commit to. The progress you'll see in yourself is intensely motivating - you leave most sessions looking forward to the next one already. 

Note: the course is a twice a week commitment. You don't get benefits without this, plus to get your 4 movements done you need 2 classes a week. Strength Training is different from the other classes in the studio in the sense that when you're training for strength you need periods of rest in between sets. It's a thing that can't be rushed. 

What can I expect in class?

The fundamental mission train is to train exercises that Dan refers to asthe vital few”, that is to focus efforts on the movements proven to produce the greatest results. These include Squat, Deadlift, Press, Pull Up. Strength Training done on your own has a lot of variables and can be very confusing. Dan takes the headache out of this for you to leave you focusing on a stripped down strength program that is both effective and efficient.

What's the deal?

Think of them as an alternative to Personal Training:

  • Classes are a maximum of 8 people, this is not your typical group fitness class in a gym: we pay close attention to your technique and you don't lift heavy until your technique is good - we don't want anyone getting injured through bad form on our watch
  • Classes are all levels: suitable for absolutely anyone and everyone. As there will only ever be 15 people in a class, our trainers can have everyone working at their own level and making progress
  • You'll set goals and see your progress over the term
  • You get 2 classes a week, and you commit to attend both. To get the benefits of Strength Training you simply can't work out any less. It's ok if you miss a class or 2 because of illness or pre-booked events, but if you can't attend a good chunk of them you're not going to see the results.
  • There are no refunds for non-attendance or if you change your mind: this is a full-commitment deal. So you know what you're in for before you book, we offer free taster sessions and we (usually) won't take a booking unless you've either attended one of these or done training like this before. That way there's no surprises. 
  • Personal Training usually costs anywhere between $80-$100. We're offering exceptional value and charging a lot less. You won't get this quality of service and attention at this price anywhere else.


Strength Training courses take place during term time only on:

Level 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Level 2: Monday and Wednesday 

Timetable is here 

Note that the view of the timetable you will drop in on is THIS WEEK's timetable. To view NEXT TERM timetable you will need to fast-forward to first week of October, by pressing the grey NEXT button.

How to buy/book

There are 2 options

1. Buy a Course/Term Pass

  • Full price for this coming term is $765. It's a really great offer when compared to what personal training would cost with a reputable trainer. 

2 Buy a White Dog Studio subscription - pay by direct debit - and get a massively discounted rate on your Strength Training course

We only take Strength bookings by email or phone so get in contact with us to discuss your enrolment at

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