Peace, Love and Personal Training

Lifting heavy weight makes you feel amazing. So does a fantastic yoga session. Pilates Republic classes give you a rock solid core and build you towards challenges like handstands. It builds bone and muscle density fat in spades. High-intensity cardio is the best available way to have a healthy heart and low body fat count.

We've put all that together into one package... Peace, love and personal training.  You could call it holistic personal training. You could call it powerlifting with heart...or the kettlebell had a baby with a Pilates and yoga studio.

You could definitely say that White Dog Studio has bundled the services of its incredible team into a package designed to change the face of personal training.

What your get:

  • 2 x personal training sessions per week
  • 2 x Pilates/Yoga Republic or HIT classes per week
  • Free access to our online learning portal for Pilates, Yoga and Strength training
  • Discounts on studio workshops - including our upcoming series of easy nutrition for 'fitness and health' series
  • Discounts on nutrition consultations
  • Priority access to our studio courses in Meditation

Peace, Love and Personal Training is available on a casual basis, so if you can't commit to 12 weeks but still want to take advantage of the bundle, book in here.

But to see the best results you should commit to the 12-week program.  To take advantage of the discount and the benefits of the full program  - book using the button below:

Heath Lander: founder of White Dog studio Heath is well known in the studio for his Pilates Republic and Yoga Republic classes. What a lot of people don't know is his love of kettlebell training and deadlifting.  If you think he pushes you hard in group classes, wait til you're 1:1

Dan Yates: Dan's been obsessive about excellence in personal training since the days we chose between VHS and Beta. He uses a simple, effective toolbox drawn from powerlifting, Olympic lifting and a near compulsive love of the kettlebell.  Dan only has select times available so 1:1 training with him is by application only.

Kara Schenk: Kara worked and trained alongside big Dan in his previous two businesses. She is at once a practising Buddhist and competitive powerlifting. If that brings to mind a trainer that is at once compassionate and cruel... you're on the right track.

Frankie "knuckles" Farley: Knuckles is well known to our Pilates clients, what many don't know about Frankie is her love of strength training and general fitness. She lives and breathes her training and wellness approach, super serious about her nutrition, her training and her family.

Who we are:

If you're interested in just adding PT sessions to your current exercise schedule, we offer 30 or 60-minute sessions.  You can purchase these on a session-by-session basis or take advantage of our 10% discount offer and grab a 5 or 10 session pass.

30 Minute Sessions
Single session     |     5 session pass     |     10 session pass 

60 Minute Sessions
single session     |     5 session pass     |     10 session pass 

Just PT