Dan Yates

As well as being a qualified personal trainer, Dan is a Powerlift Coach and a Strength & Conditioning Coach. And he's a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. He's owned and sold 2 fitness business: Kettlebell Republic (guess what they did there?), and Collective Athletic, a Crossfit Affiliate. He knows about HIT and Strength Training.

When he's not working, he has a lovely wife and 3 kids, and he's into "decentralisation utilising immutable blockchain technologies" (just ask him about it in class)".

For his own fitness he loves climbing, archery, and lifting heavy things. 

Dan has been preaching the following protocol for years:

“Frequent low-rep, high-quality strength training + Less frequent high intensity metabolic conditioning + As much low-intensity cardiovascular activity as possible”

Kara Schenck

Kara used to work beside our very own Dan Yates at both Collective Athletic and Kettle Bell Republic.

Kara's knowledge and passion come from her multiple backgrounds in Dance, Marathon Running, Powerlifting and MovNat.

Kara is a passionate mover and learner, with dreams to do some work with Ido portal, study Occupational Therapy and work with as many different rehabilitation cases as possible.  Expect to see Kara's role at White Dog increase over the coming months.

Donna Garcia

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