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Why Kettlebell HIT?

White Dog Kettlebell HIT classes will get you fit in double-quick time. We work you hard. HIT is one of the most time-efficient ways to get in shape. You don't need to exercise for hours to get benefits - you get in, get it done, and get out. We all live lives that are way too sedentary: your body is designed to get sweaty and out of breath, and it enjoys being put under a bit of pressure. HIT does exactly this. This pressure keeps your heart and lungs healthy, works your joints and muscles, and is a great way to get stronger. 

We limit attendance to 15 people per session to make sure you work with proper technique. These classes are not the typical cardio/strength classes you get in a regular gym where there's 50 people in a room and you don't get any personal instruction. When you're using kettlebells it's important that you do it right, or you will get injured. We make sure you do it right. 

You will leave feeling great, riding the wave of a massive endorphin high and you'll sleep like a baby. 


There’s a new buzzword in the exercise industry and that’s HIT. Short for High Intensity Training, HIT is the kind of exercise program that’s designed to get you hot and sweaty, burn a ton of fat, and get you fit in the process.

At White Dog Studio, we offer some of the best high intensity training Footscray has available, under the expert guidance of Dan Yates. If anyone’s going to whip you into shape, Dan can.

HIT training to keep you healthy and become the strongest version of you

If there’s one thing about high intensity training Yarraville residents need to know, it’s that HIT training is going to get you stronger. And it’s not just your muscles that will benefit, but your heart, your lungs and your joints will too.

Of course, you’re going to get sweaty and out of breath in the process, but that’s just all part of the fun!

HIT helps with stress too

However, HIT’s not all about the physical benefits as a good high intensity session will help to clear your mind of stress too. So if you’re feeling under pressure, it’s a great way to take your mind off all the problems in your day-to-day life.

Plus, you’ll get a massive jolt of adrenaline that will leave you feeling great but don’t take our word for it – call us now to book some of the best high intensity training in Seddon.

Want to sleep better? Try our HIT classes

If you’re having trouble sleeping, one way to get a better night’s sleep is to tire yourself out with a HIT class. Our classes are carefully planned to ensure you get just the right amount of exercise to leave you pleasantly tired (once you’ve recovered of course), without running the risk of injuries.

Plus, it’s over quick. There’s no need to spend hours slaving in the gym. So if you want to get fit in the quickest possible time, sign up for our high intensity training in Williamstown now and let’s get started.

We’ll help you to achieve your fitness goals

While you’re welcome to drop into any of our HIT sessions, if you choose to attend on a regular basis, Dan will work with you to help you plan and, most importantly, ACHIEVE your fitness goals.

And don’t worry if you’ve never exercised before, our classes are designed so that you work at your level. In fact, it’s the kind of high intensity training Kensington exercisers need to make the most of their time at the gym.

Join the HIT Squad now

If you want to get to grips with kettle bells, develop an awesome physique and have some fun while doing so, it’s time to join in some of the best high intensity training Melbourne has available.

Sign up now by calling 04377 776 291 or alternatively you can book your classes online.

White Dog Studio specializes in pilates class, yoga classes, high itensity training and mindfullness meditation.

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What's the schedule?

HIT classes take place each week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Timetable is here 

Note that the view of the timetable you will drop in on is THIS WEEK's timetable. To view NEXT TERM timetable you will need to fast-forward to first week of October, by pressing the grey NEXT button.

How to buy/book

Buy a Monthly Membership - Small/Medium/Large can all book in and use class credits. This will enable you to do 2 classes per week. 

Introductory offer for new customers: Get the first two weeks @ half price! Purchase online and if you don't wish to continue, just let us know anytime in the first 12 days (allowing two days for processing) and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. These memberships can be cancelled with 28 days notice at anytime after the trial period.

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