Kettlebell training FAQs

Q: Is kettlebell training the ultimate way to train?

A: No one system is the ultimate way to train. Is kettlebell training effective for fat loss, strength training, and building muscle? Yes - and it is a super fun way to train. In order to keep training interesting, you have to keep it fun and kettlebells are a great fit. You can benefit from kettlebell focused programs or you can incorporate kettlebell training into your current regimen. There is something for everyone.


Q: Are kettlebell exercises dangerous?

A: Only when done with poor form. However, any exercise is dangerous even pushups and lame machine exercises when poor form is used. Bottom line is most people will require in person instruction to maximize the benefits of kettlebell training safely. Kettlebell DVD's while useful are not a replacement for in person instruction.


Q: Is kettlebell training effective for fat loss?

A: Yes, however pushing yourself away from the table more often and cutting krispy creme out of your diet is even more effective. Fat loss is 70% diet and 30% training. Unless you are a professional athlete where training is your job. Kettlebell training can be a very effective way to ramp up your metabolism. However, anyone that tells you that you can lose fat with kettlebell training and a crappy diet is doing you a disservice


Q: Is Kettlebell training effective for building muscle?

A: What do barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells all have in common? All three are forms of weight training. Thus, just as barbells and dumbbells are effective for building muscle, kettlebells are effective as well. That said, nothing takes the place of progressive weight training - if what you want is bigger muscle try out our Strength Training classes instead. 


Q: I want to get stronger without getting bigger. Is kettlebell training for me?

A: Yes, this is one of the most popular benefits of kettlebell training. Women for example love kettlebell training as it helps them tone up and lose fat without over developing muscles. Truth be told, building muscle is not easy for men and especially women so this is not something you should be worrying about. 


Q: Do women use kettlebells?

A: Only the smart ones ;-) Yes I work with women all of the time at my workshops and they love kettlebell training. Women tend to believe the illusion that they will turn into "Arnold" just be looking at weights. I've been training women for years and I can tell you categorically that this just isn't true. Bulking up is really really hard for women to do. 


Q: If kettlebell training is so great how come they are not in every gym in the country?

A: Having worked for a major fitness club chain in the past, I can tell you first hand that the main goal of a fitness club is to make money and keep liability costs low. Thus the trend in most clubs is to have more machines and less free weights. While machines are not as effective as free weights, they are much easier to use and require minimal instruction. Thus, less of a need for highly skilled trainers.