The Flying Nike - or Salabasana, or the body arch...

Anyone who has attended a mat class at WDS will be familiar with this position. We call it the flying nike, mainly because it seems more romantic than the translation of Salabasana )the locust) or it's gymnastic name the body arch. 

It's a great exercise for switching on the poster chain or back of the body. With practise it will help to 'relax' or quieten the hip flexors and stretch/open the chest.

The most important thing when starting to work with the opposition is to ensure the lower back is not doing all the work for you. If it is you will usually end up with soreness and a perhaps a sharp pain in the lower back when in the position. 

The critical 'cues' are:

 - to press your hip creases down. If you are not sure whether this has been done, try to put your fingers under the hip crease... it should be impossible.

- lift your legs and chest up AND away from your centre.

As you become familiar with the position, 'cues' to consider are:

-trying to work towards straighter legs (there is a bent leg version, but the knees are bent to 90 degrees)

- trying to draw the inner things closer together